Cruelty Timeline

Cruelty takes place all year round in the countryside. Snares and traps are being used in every month. Foxes are being shot and killed every day of the year. Someone, somewhere, will be breaking the law.
Killing certain species of wildlife is legal though and here is a timeline showing when ‘seasons’ start and end. It also features other issues we can be watching out for while in the field.
For links to information on the law and how to Recognise, Record, and Report these crimes please go to the Protectors of the Wild landing page.

Cruelty Timeline January – December

Key: (ESW) = England, Scotland, Wales, (NI) = Northern Ireland
1st: Pheasant shooting ends (NI).
31st: Common Snipe/Woodcock/Golden Plover shooting ends (ESWNI).
Jack Snipe/Curlew shooting ends (NI).
Duck and geese shooting ends (inland ESW, inland and below high water mark NI).

Watch out for: Illegal fox hunting. Illegal badger sett blocking by hunts. Badger baiting takes place in autumn/winter. Bird shooting for 'sport' across lowland UK. Small number of resident wild birds already nesting/egg laying as climate changes. Bat hibernation roosts will be occupied.
1st: Pheasant/Partridge shooting ends (ESW).
1st:Closed season for Brown Hare starts in Scotland .
15th: Female Red Deer, Fallow Deer, Sika Deer, Red/Sika Deer hybrids shooting ends (S)
20th: Duck and geese (below high water mark) shooting ends (ESW).

Watch out for: All legal bird shooting for 'sport' ends this month. Illegal fox hunting. Illegal badger sett blocking by hunts peaks this month. Badger baiting takes place in autumn/winter. Raptor crime increases as birds of prey start displaying. Illegal hare coursing. Resident wild birds nesting/laying eggs in small numbers. Bat hibernation roosts still occupied.