We can all help tackle the scourge of egg collecting

In late February a serial egg thief admitted to illegally hoarding thousands of rare birds’ eggs he’d stolen. Daniel Lingham, 71, appeared at Norwich Magistrates Court where he pleaded guilty to five offences involving 2995 eggs, including taking eggs from a non-schedule 1 wild bird (a Nightjar) on 9 June 2023 at Holt, Norfolk. Lingham […]

Illegal to cut a hedge in Spring? Yes – and no…

Nest. Photo by Luke Brugger on Unsplash

Despite what the weather outside might suggest (it’s cool and wet across the UK as of writing), wild birds – in an admirable show of resilience – will soon be breeding again. This is the start of a critical time of the year when birds are looking for safe places to nest and to rebuild […]

Hunt violence at sickening levels, new report shows

violence in hunting protect the wild report

Protect the Wild recently published “Hunting: A Case for Change“, a 50-page report that offers a thorough examination of hunting practices during the 2022/23 season. The report focuses predominantly on fox, hare, and deer hunting in England and Wales. Author Glen Black utilised a combination of online data from anti-hunting groups, public reports, and activist […]

The Secret Monitor: Without fear or favour?

The Secret Monitor

Damaging stories from inside hunting, shooting, and the badger cull have been circulating for years. Everything from breaking the law to assaults or harassment of monitors and the public and a police force seemingly happy to ‘look the other way’. But there is always someone watching, always someone listening. The Secret Monitor. In their latest […]

Why Protect the Wild doesn’t support licencing of the shooting industry.

Staggering levels of raptor persecution (the illegal persecution of birds of prey) have been in the news again following both the release of the RSPB’s Birdcrime report for 2022 and the Scottish Parliament voting on November 30th to support the general principles of the Wildlife Management & Muirburn Bill. The Bill includes measures to introduce […]

Protecting the Wild Equipment Fund #5: Shropshire Wildlife Monitors

The Protecting the Wild Equipment Fund was set up in summer 2023 to help put ‘eyes in the field‘, empowering people to protect British wildlife. We set the fund up because we know that many people who monitor are largely unfunded volunteers and often have no umbrella organisation to support them. That means they have […]

Defra public consultation on hedgerows

The Department of Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs (Defra – or ‘Deathra’ as it’s increasingly known as it piles misery on misery upon England’s badgers) is holding a public consultation on hedgerows. The short online questionnaire takes just minutes to fill out (though that of course depends on some extent to the length of answers […]

Equipment Fund #4: Kirklees Badger Protection Group

One of the UK’s most charismatic mammals, badgers are instantly recognisable. While most people love them, badgers are also one of the country’s most persecuted animals. Despite being made illegal in 1835 badger baiting still takes place across the UK. Fox hunts illegally block badger setts to stop foxes hiding underground. And of course since […]

Protecting the Wild Equipment Fund #1: Cheshire Borderland Monitors

The Protecting the Wild Equipment Fund provides equipment like radios or cameras to individuals or groups who are working in the field to protect wildlife. We have asked each recipient to explain what they do and how they are using the equipment we have provided – not only to show supporters how their donations are […]

What is the Gillingham and Shaftesbury Show trying to hide?

Protect the Wild is campaigning with Action Against Foxhunting to ask ‘What is the Gillingham and Shaftesbury Show trying to hide?’   GO TO LETTER Held at the The Turnpike Showground the annual Gillingham & Shaftesbury Show typically welcomes over 20,000 visitors. Some of them will be amongst the 85% of people who regularly tell […]

Protectors of the Wild – putting eyes in the field

Have you ever wondered what UK law says about hunting, shooting, collecting bird eggs, or about foxes, badgers, and bats? About operating drones, using airguns, or driving quad bikes legally? What the Hunting Act 2004 says, or whether the snare or spring trap you’ve just found is being used within the law or not? Us […]

Animal cruelty offences: new sentencing guidelines published

Badger caught in snare in Northumberland

Updated sentencing guidelines for animal cruelty offences that reflect changes introduced by the Animal Welfare (Sentencing) Act 2021, were published today by the Sentencing Council. For the first time, a new ‘Animal cruelty’ guideline gives judges and magistrates in England and Wales guidance for sentencing the most serious animal cruelty offences, including causing unnecessary suffering, […]

End Stag Hunting: Dr Amir Khan lends voice to new animation

Protect the Wild has launched a new short animation slamming illegal stag hunting and featuring the voice of broadcaster, wildlife campaigner and full-time NHS GP Dr Amir Khan. In our animation Dr Khan explains how deer hunts can last up to six hours and are ‘exempt’ under the Hunting Act 2004 because hunts claim they […]

A visit to Secret World Wildlife Rescue

“Oh, the weather outside is frightful But the welcome is so delightful…” With apologies to Jule Styne and Sammy Cahn, but as Storm Mathis threatened to drown the Somerset Levels and blow me into the mud-brown swollen dykes along the sides of the road (mental note to self, the M5 isn’t so pretty a route […]

CAMPAIGN: End Hunting on MoD land

Yesterday Protect the Wild launched a new petition-based campaign and a new animation: End Hunting on MoD (Ministry of Defence) Land. Within two hours our social media posts had been viewed almost 50k times, and by midday this morning over 5000 people had already signed our petition to the MoD calling on them to stop […]

Protect the Wild: a new chapter

Protect the Wild: new chapter in the fight to end wildlife persecution I set up Keep the Ban as nothing more than a Facebook page with 0 followers in 2015. I was sickened and angered by the possibility of fox hunting becoming legal again and the ban on hunting wild mammals being overturned.Fast-forward over seven […]

The man who left his life in the UK to save animals in Ukraine

From the UK to Ukraine – this man (who prefers that we don’t name him) quit his job and gave up his life in the UK to save animals in one of the most dangerous animal rescue efforts in history Last month we gave a grant to the former hunt sab and member of Roaming […]

Police appeal for identities of terriermen seen in undercover investigation

terriermen sought by police

Police appeal for identities of terriermen seen in undercover investigation Police are searching for two men connected to alleged Hunting Act offences. And they’re asking for your help to find them.   BOLTING A FOX Swindon Police are searching for two men seen in Hunt Investigation Team’s exposé of the Vale of White Horse Hunt. […]

We’ve won ‘Campaigner of the Year’!

Great outdoors magazine 2021

We’ve won ‘Campaigner of the Year’ in The Great Outdoors Magazine 2021 Readers’ Awards. In 2021 Protect the Wild (formerly known as Keep The Ban) was awarded a gold medal and the title of  ‘Campaigner of the Year’ in The Great Outdoors Magazine 2021 Readers’ Awards. With 30 per cent of the public vote, the […]

Exposed: tax-payer funded covid grants given to hunts

covid grants for hunts

Protect the Wild expose tax-payer funded covid grants given to hunts   “Families across the country are suffering incredible hardship and having to make tough sacrifices due to Covid-19. Why are hard-working people now being made to subsidise hunts to the tune of £160,000?” Back in 2020 Protect the Wild sent out Freedom of Information […]

Mini the cat killed by out of control Western Hunt

mini the cat and car;y

Exclusive interview: Mini the cat killed by out-of-control Western Hunt ‍In March 2021 Mini the cat was chased and killed by hunting hounds in a quiet residential area. The Government should back Mini’s Law (Public and Animal Safety Bill 2021) to ensure the safety of the public and animals from hunting activity, such as trail […]

Hunting Havoc Report reveals shocking level of hunt recklessness

hunt havoc out of control fox hounds

Hunting Havoc Report reveals shocking level of hunt recklessness In the past decade there have been numerous reports of hunting hounds chasing terrified animals and, in some cases, killing domestic animals, livestock and pets. These so-called “accidents” are taking place across the country every year and the hunts repeatedly apologise for their actions and promise […]