The man who left his life in the UK to save animals in Ukraine

From the UK to Ukraine – this man (who prefers that we don’t name him) quit his job and gave up his life in the UK to save animals in one of the most dangerous animal rescue efforts in history

Last month we gave a grant to the former hunt sab and member of Roaming Sabs, to purchase a vehicle in order to rescue and re-home animals in Ukraine. He is currently working with a group called Breaking the Chains who are taking on ‘one of the largest and most dangerous animal rescue efforts in history’

“I’ve been out here with Breaking the Chains for two months now and before that a month transporting refugees.

I’ve given up my job, house and life in the UK and have moved out here for as long as needed.”


“We go into dangerous areas of Ukraine to extract all sorts of animals. We also supply vets, shelters and households around Ukraine with food and medicine and help people also.

We’re currently building a shelter inside Ukraine as well to help house the animals we extract, have a vet clinic onsite and are entirely volunteer run.

My role here is the shelter manager, so I oversee the compound and volunteers, ensure all the work gets done, hold meetings and allocate workloads, as well sorting out supplies and overseeing any building/maintenance that needs doing.”


Last month Protect the Wild was contacted about these ambitious and remarkable plans to help rescue animals in Ukraine, many of which have been left to starve. We immediately ensured that a grant was given to carry out this vital work and a vehicle was bought.

The need is still there of course, so please do donate if you can: