Who we've Supported

Not all heroes wear capes!

There are extraordinary people doing extraordinary things every day, often suffering insult and injury doing their utmost to protect foxes, birds, badgers and other wildlife.

Brave individuals working tirelessly in the field to save and protect animals.

We regularly offer funding to those who need support and equipment, and will always try to do what we can to help.

It’s our way of empowering people to protect British wildlife.

Groups we've supported in 2024

"Thanks to Protect the Wild our new trap and camera will go out into the field straight away, and help us identify and treat more foxes who are needlessly suffering. We're so grateful for this support. The equipment will provide us with more resources with which to help these beautiful animals."
"Massive thanks to those wonderful people at Protect the Wild for the two high end camcorders that PTW donated to the NEHM recently...the better quality kit that we have, the greater chance we have of capturing illegal activity and ultimately save lives."
“Thanks to Protect the Wild we are now able to keep an even better eye on our local hunts (including the notorious Heythrop Hunt) with two new video cameras. Thank you. It's really going to make a difference after eight years of using poor equipment!” 
"We were desperate for better cameras so we could obtain better footage to get evidence against the hunts. Protect The Wild has always been great in helping us and we are overwhelmed that they have bought us two camcorders. This will help so much in our fight against wildlife crime."
"Teesside Anti Blood Sports are a small group set up to cover hunts in the Teesside area. We would like to thank Protect the Wild for helping us to help protect wildlife by providing us with essential equipment that we did not have the funding for; a much needed camcorder and radios."
"Not only have Protect the Wild been a great support with our recent (successful) campaign asking Chesterfield FC to cancel the Barlow Hunt’s Ball but they have also recently provided us with body cameras which hunt sabs require for their own protection."

Groups we've supported in 2023

"We are very grateful to Protect the Wild for funding our radio upgrade. We now have radios that are compatible with the other groups that help us. This will have a knock on effect for the foxes we aim to protect and the local people who hate the hunt."
“On behalf of two independent monitors covering the North Yorks Moors and the hunts that operate in the National Park we would like to acknowledge our appreciation to Protect the Wild for your grant towards our equipment. Your generosity means we can put more of our own money towards fuel costs.”
"We are extremely grateful to Protect the Wild for helping us to buy six new radios, which have a greater range than our existing ones. This is important to us as our local hunt often covers a large area and these new radios will help us co-ordinate our teams more effectively."
“Because our numbers are increasing and we want to be able to protect our new members, we wear body cameras. They are a vital source for collecting evidence. We contacted Protect the Wild for some funding help and are extremely pleased that they have supported us!”
"A huge thank you to Protect the Wild for funding the purchase of a wildlife camera for Kirklees BPG. We all need a little help sometimes and Protect the Wild has helped us continue our work looking after the welfare of badgers in Kirklees.”
“We are a group of volunteers who monitor illegal hunting on Salisbury Plain. We depend on credible organisations sharing our story and have greatly appreciated Protect the Wild raising awareness. Our appreciation now extends to thanks for giving us a bodycam"
"We identified a need for body cameras that could capture video in the dark as well as audio. The cameras will make it easier for us to capture any illegal activity. We are so grateful to Protect the Wild for helping us buy them and we can’t wait to start working with them!"
"Derbyshire Against The Cull would like to say a massive thank you to Protect The Wild and their supporters. They have allowed us to purchase a trail camera and night vision binoculars, essential pieces of equipment in our endless work protecting badgers and checking setts."
"A big thank you to Protect the Wild for funding the replacement and upgrade of one of our water-damaged camcorders. These cameras are invaluable for recording wildlife crime and used every time we are out in the field monitoring various hunts in the Yorkshire and Humberside area."
"We identified a need for body cameras that could capture video in the dark as well as audio. The cameras will make it easier for us to capture any illegal activity. We are so grateful to Protect the Wild for helping us buy them and we can’t wait to start working with them!"
"We are incredibly grateful for this essential piece of equipment from Protect the Wild. The drone will be a huge help with assisting us to protect wildlife and to gather evidence from all angles of illegal fox hunting and exposing the smokescreen "trail hunting" hides behind. Thank you."
Cheshire Independent Monitors
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"Thank you Protect the Wild for your donation towards the cost of monitoring equipment. We take in orphaned fox cubs and help them learn to cope with life in the wild. We need to ensure they are learning how to live independently, and this is why we need these cameras so much."

Apply to our equipment fund

If you need support to carry out your work you can apply to the Protecting the Wild Equipment Fund too.

Pictured are the Roaming Sabs with their vehicle bought by Protect the Wild in 2022.

This van is still being used to transport hunt saboteurs across the country and helping prevent illegal fox hunting from taking place.

In 2023 the vehicle was driven by a member of the Roaming Sabs on an extraordinary journey to help animals in Ukraine! Please read the remarkable account at “Roaming to Ukraine: from the frontline against illegal hunting to the frontline of an illegal war.”