61% agree - trail hunting should be permanently suspended...

Protect the Wild is calling on major landowners to permanently ban so-called “trail hunts” from using their land following the outcome of a public survey.

The poll conducted independently by Survation and commissioned on behalf of Protect the Wild revealed a clear majority were in favour of landowners taking a stand against trail hunts. 61% of respondents agreed that trail hunting should be permanently suspended’ by landowners.

Only 18% believed landowners should not permanently suspend trail hunting with 21% saying they didn’t know.

Trail hunting should be permanently suspended

Trail hunting should not be permanently suspended

Don’t know

The 'lie' that has been
blown wide open

This reflects a growing public understanding of the “smokescreen” that is “trail hunting” and how it has been used as a cover-up for the illegal hunting of wildlife which has been banned since 2004.

Thanks to the persistence of monitors on the ground and the work of the Hunt Saboteur Association in leaking the Hunting Office webinars, the “trail hunting” lie has been blown wide open like never before.

It is quite evident that the public have seen through the lies and simply ask that landowners take the steps needed to ensure wildlife is protected.

Only a permanent ban on all so-called “trail hunts” will ensure wild mammals are free from persecution and we ask all major landowners to take this polling into consideration.

While it is a positive step in the right direction that several major landowners have suspended their “trail hunt” licences, it has consistently been proven that “trail hunting” is but a cover-up for illegal activity.

Since the introduction of the 2004 Hunting Act, wildlife has been killed in the thousands and time and time again landowners have hidden behind the same old lies. It is time for real action and permanent bans are the only effective solution.


Protect the Wild will continue to campaign and advocate for legislative change to ensure foxes (and all British wildlife) are given the protection they need. Please see our Proper Ban on Hunting page for more details and our petition to enforce a proper ban.