Fighting wildlife persecution head on

We're innovators. We do things differently because 'same old same old' just isn’t cutting it.

Whether it’s through creating hard-hiting animations, working to change key pieces of legislation, or reporting events in a powerful and truthful way, we understand the importance of being proactive and dynamic.

We mean it when we say we aspire to be so much more than just a campaigning organisation.

We aspire to be a winning one too. For wildlife and for all of us.

Founded in 2015 as Keep The Ban and now relaunched as Protect the Wild, we are a non-profit organisation working to empower people to protect British wildlife by using multimedia to campaign on key issues, inform the public about wildlife matters, and support activists taking direct action in the field.

That’s why we say we Inform – Campaign – Support

Join the movement and together we can and we will Protect the Wild.

Rob Pownall, Founder and CEO

Ways to support Protect the Wild