Vale of White Horse Hunt Exposé

On January 5th 2022 Protect The Wild supported the Hunt Investigation Team (HIT) with their investigation of the Vale of White Horse Hunt which saw them deliberately and intentionally hunt a fox.

VWH member and land-owner Verity Drewett can be seen visibly shouting and identifying the fox to the hunt so that the mammal can be hunted.

She ensures the fox is unable to seek safety in the barn and she states how she ‘turned him’ before describing the whereabouts of the animal to Duncan Drewett, senior member of the VWH Hunt.

The terriermen responsible for bolting the fox from the barn on January 5th were also filmed doing the same thing at a meet on December 8th 2021. A fox was also seen at the back of the barn this day and hours later a red coat is seen at the exact same spot as the fox.

The site was filmed for a period of two days and over this time not a single trail was seen being laid through the farm or anywhere around the farm.

Prior to the release of this footage Wiltshire Police and Crime Commissioner Philip Wilkinson told Protect the Wild that:

“If a member of the public reports illegal fox hunting it will be investigated by the police as they would investigate any other report of a crime” and “Our intention is to write to all hunt masters to remind them of their legal responsibilities in much the same way as we intend to write to all groups who oppose hunting.”

Protect the Wild is calling for change

It is beyond clear that hunts are not ‘trail hunting’ as they claim. This investigation shows how farmers and landowners are complicit in the supply of foxes for the purpose of hunting.

It also exposes the role of terriermen who ensure foxes are above ground ready to be hunted. Foxes are still being hunted across the country on a huge scale.

We urge the public to get in touch with their MP and local Police and Crime Commissioner.

Ask them what is being done to prevent and deal with those illegally hunting wildlife.

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