Equipment Fund #19: North East Hunt Monitors

As an organisation we do prefer to look forward rather than look back, but it has been a good month for the Equipment Fund – and ‘Equipment Fund 2.0’! How so? Because we recently saw paid subscriptions on our Substack soar over the 600 mark! That’s great news because every single penny we raise from […]

We’re launching the Protecting the Wild Support Network

We have some news to announce – and we’re pretty excited about it: the launch of the Protecting the Wild Support Network (aka – to save our typing fingers – ‘the support network’). What (we’re hoping you’ll be asking) is the ‘support network’? Well, thank you for your interest. The Support Network is our way […]

‘Stop and search’ of monitor at Boxing Day parade raises serious questions

At the Abergavenny Boxing Day Parade of the Monmouth Hunt, Gwent Police made a formal ‘stop and search’ of a monitor. Helen was standing quietly on the side of a busy high street that at the time was almost empty but would soon be filled with people. The police claimed to be acting on ‘information […]