Forestry England is responsible for managing and promoting the nation’s forests owned by the Government of the United Kingdom. However, what many people do not realise is that up until 2020 Forestry England gave permissions for ‘trail hunts’ to use its’ land.

Hunts are frequently in the press for alleged trespass, killing wildlife and domestic animals, losing control of their dogs and violent behaviour towards those who monitor them. 

Following a year-long campaign run by Protect The Wild and other groups, Forestry England suspended all ‘trail hunt’ licences on their land in November 2020. We are now calling on this landowner, as well as others, to make these suspensions permanent. 


Campaign timeline

2019/20 season
Forestry England gave hunting licences for 34 so-called 'trail hunts'
October 2020
Protect The Wild set up a UK Government petition calling on Forestry England to end their ‘trail hunt’ licences
November 2020
HSA release Hunting Office webinar in which Mark Hankinson speaks of ‘trail hunting’ being used as a “smokescreen”
November 2020
Forestry England suspend all ‘trail hunt’ licences
April 2021
100,000 signatures obtained on our UK Government petition calling for an end to Forestry England ‘trail hunt’ licences which secures a parliamentary debate
March 2022
35,000 emails sent to Forestry England asking that they permanently end ‘trail hunt’ licences via our website
April 2022
Petitions committee host a parliamentary debate on the topic of Forestry England and their licencing of ‘trail hunts’
Present day
We continue to put pressure on Forestry England and other major landowners to permanently end their ‘trail hunt’ licences

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