PTW Equipment Fund: North London Hunt Sabs

This month Protect the Wild has been pleased to be able to respond to a request from the North London Hunt Sabs for help with repairs to their vehicle. Ordinarily we provide equipment rather than fund repairs like this, but we felt that in this instance our supporters (who ultimately provide the funds we use to help ‘protect the wild’ through, for example, merchandise purchases) would understand and approve.

We are asking any group who receives funds from us to write a short post or blog for us – not because we want to be thanked, but to show our supporters where their money is going! We think that in turn will help us grow our ‘equipment fund pot’ so we can help more groups. You support us, we help them, they protect wildlife. How’s that for a virtuous circle…



“Thanks to a generous grant from Protect the Wild, we have been able to fit three more seats to one of our Toyota Land Cruisers, thus increasing our carrying capacity for when we disrupt illegal fox hunting.

Protect the Wild exists to raise awareness of the cruelty around blood sports and to support deserving frontline saboteur groups, like us, in our work to stop all blood sports and expose the miscreants who engage in them.

You can help hunt saboteur groups like ours by supporting Protect the Wild with a donation, or by sharing their content.

This is the sort of organized cooperation the struggling hunting fraternity does not like to see from those who oppose them.

Thank you PTW.”


You are very welcome NLHS, and thanks for all that you do out there in the field and on the ground.