If Labour get into power they MUST deal with rampant illegal fox hunting

As we reflect on the most recent fox hunting season, the horrors that have come to light are beyond comprehension. Incidents of unspeakable cruelty, perpetrated by some hunts across the UK, have revealed the urgent need for comprehensive action. Members of the Avon Vale Hunt throwing live foxes to hounds, the West Norfolk Foxhounds cornering and killing a defenseless fox in a private garden, and a former huntsman of the Old Berkshire Hunt using a terrier to abuse a fox cub are just a few of the appalling things that occurred during the last hunting season.

These sickening incidents are only the tip of the iceberg, once again proving the grim reality of illegal fox hunting masquerading under the guise of ‘trail hunting.’ A pastime that has long been used as a smokescreen for the cruel and merciless pursuit of foxes and other wildlife. This sham practice has been responsible for countless innocent lives lost, and it continues to persist across the country.

In the face of such endless and persisting illegality, we turn to the Labour Party, and ask that they ensure a commitment to ending fox hunting is put in their election manifesto. As the only major party demonstrating the necessary appetite and political will for change, Labour can stand as a beacon of hope for wildlife protection but it is important they adopt the right approach.

Protect the Wild advocates for The Hunting of Wild Mammals Bill, a meticulously crafted legislative proposal in collaboration with the legal experts at Advocates for Animals. This bill provides the clean slate we need to eradicate the cruelty of fox hunting with hounds and ensure that the lives of innocent creatures are no longer subject to merciless exploitation.

With Labour poised in a position of strength and the frontrunners to shape the next Government, the party has the chance to lead the charge against illegal fox hunting.


An opportunity to protect the wild and end fox hunting forever

The recent surge in public awareness and growing condemnation of these brutal practices have made it clear that the time for real change is now. As the majority of major landowners ban ‘trail hunts’ from using their properties, recognising the ruse for what it truly is, we can no longer turn a blind eye to the grim reality. The Labour Policy Forum and Labour MPs must embrace this call for action and recognise the urgency of the matter. By pledging their support for the Hunting of Wild Mammals Bill, they can send a powerful message of commitment to wildlife protection and a determination to end the cruelty of fox hunting once and for all.

We implore our supporters and the public alike to join us in this vital cause. As we move closer to the next General Election, it is crucial that we stand united in demanding a future where wildlife is cherished and protected. Contacting your local MP and voicing support for the Hunting of Wild Mammals Bill can be a huge step towards securing a future where we finally see the end of the vile pastime of fox hunting and all hunting of wild mammals.

In conclusion, we cannot allow the horrors of illegal fox hunting to persist any longer. Labour holds the potential to make a real difference, and the Hunting of Wild Mammals Bill offers a powerful solution to bring about change. By standing against cruelty, championing wildlife protection, and committing to end fox hunting once and for all, Labour can leave a lasting legacy of compassion and responsibility.

Together, let us build a future where innocent lives are spared from the clutches of cruelty, and we can protect the wild for generations to come.

You can read more about our Hunting of Wild Mammals Bill here and sign our petition.