Everyone knows what a Brown Hare looks like.

But how many of us have actually seen one?

During the late 1800s there were about four million Brown Hares in Britain, but populations have crashed by more than 80% during the past 100 years and in some parts of Britain the Brown Hare may even be locally extinct.

Despite that, Brown Hares are still considered ‘game’ and can still be legally shot in huge numbers.

Weak laws mean hares are also still illegally hunted with hounds. And of course hare coursing gangs still chase hares across England.

Just how low does the hare population have to drop before these wonderful animals get the protection they need?

Protect the Wild will continue to join forces with other wildlife groups to push for changes in the law. We want to see Brown Hares properly protected and more than anything else we want to see more hares!

By adopting a hare with Protect the Wild you will help fund our ongoing efforts to expose illegal hunting and coursing and our push for greater protection by campaigning for a new law that will ban hunting of mammals like hares for good.

As an adopter not only will you be helping fund this vital work, but you will also receive an exclusive Protect the Wild adoption pack including a cuddly toy, glossy photo, and an information fact sheet.

We will also keep you up to date by email on our latest campaigns and the important impact we’re having to safeguard the UK’s hares.

How your adoption will help

Your support will help us deliver our vision to empower people to protect British wildlife and end hunting for good.


We’re proud to say our beautiful Hare adoption cuddly animals are manufactured and filled with 100% recycled polyester made from plastic waste.

Adoption pack delivery information

We will process and send your order within five working days and would normally expect it to arrive within seven working days.

Please note – we cannot hold orders for delivery on a specific time.

We welcome international orders but some may be subject to additional local taxes on delivery. We are unable to predict these in advance of shipping your parcel.

Orders do not need to be signed for. A card will be left if you’re unavailable.

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