Why are foxes so loud

at night?

Lamping is a loose term that covers a number of different activities. However, they all take place at night and they all result in the murder of wildlife in the British countryside.

The noises you hear from foxes at night is typically them communicating.  Barks and screams are used to interact between foxes, and this becomes more common during mating season when the foxes are trying to attract a mate.  If you find the noise worse in January, that’s because it’s peak mating season.

The foxes don’t just use these noises to communicate, they also make a lot of noise during breeding.  Foxes, like dogs, lock together when they mate.  This can last for 20 minutes during which time the female gives out screams.  Please note, this is not painful, so please do not call the RSPCA or local rescue centre – let nature do its thing.

Foxes will also make loud noises to fend off other foxes from their territory.

So why at night?  Well, foxes are nocturnal.  They will typically leave their den at sunset.  They will do all their hunting and courtship during the night, hence the noise.