What is cubbing?

Every year hundreds of fox cubs are targeted in a horrific activity known as ‘cubbing’.

Despite what hunts say, hunting a live mammal does not come naturally to a hound. ‘Cubbing’ is how hunts train hounds to kill and give them a taste for blood.

Cubbing usually takes place between August and October, just before the main fox hunting season.

Hunts often try to disguise cubbing by calling it ‘autumn hunting’ or even ‘hound exercise’ but don’t be fooled for a moment. Cubbing is against the law, and you can help stop this awful practice by learning how to Recognise, Record, and Report it.

  • The hunt will typically be out very early in the morning or in the evening.
  • They’ll most likely be wearing tweed as opposed to traditional red coats.
  • Cubbing is typically more static than traditional hunting where hunts follow a pack, and usually involves a small group of riders surrounding a small woodland or crop field.
  • If you see cubbing taking place don’t get close or put yourself at risk, but if it’s safe to do so record what you see (even phone footage can be useful) and call the police on 999.
  • If you have information of a cubbing event in the recent past call the police on 101 (always ask for a crime reference number),
  • Let us know too so we can build up a picture of where and how often cubbing takes place to give to MPs and landowners.