How do I report illegal

fox hunting?

Lamping is a loose term that covers a number of different activities. However, they all take place at night and they all result in the murder of wildlife in the British countryside.

If you see something that you think is a crime you should call the police on 101. If you have information on a hunt or suspect that a wildlife crime is taking place in a particular area, please report it to us. We work with a variety of investigators and groups who would be able to look into any reports that are sent to us and we will pass on any subsequent findings to the police. 

If you think that cubbing might be taking place in your area or you have witnesses suspicious activity in the early hours of the morning around woodlands or fields, please send this information in to us. If you’re still unsure, head to our cubbing page detailing the practice and the tell-tale signs to look out for. 

You can report illegal fox hunting or any suspected incident of wildlife crime here by filling in our online form.