Are foxes dangerous

to pets?

Lamping is a loose term that covers a number of different activities. However, they all take place at night and they all result in the murder of wildlife in the British countryside.

It really depends on what pet(s) you have.  Foxes are a predator species and will prey on small pets like rabbits, chickens, guinea pigs etc, and you should take the right precautions to ensure these animals are secure and kept out of danger.

It’s very uncommon for a fox to attack a dog, and most adult cats are usually safe.  However, if a fox feels cornered or threatened by another animal, then they will defend themselves.

You can read more here (Link to article titled ‘How foxes are unfairly demonised by the press’ about the demonisation of foxes by the press and how these animals are so often misrepresented.