A key element of our mission to expose wildlife criminals and end the persecution of wildlife in the British countryside is through supporting hard-hitting exposés. That’s why undercover investigations and covert operations are at the heart of what we do – and always will be.

 We ringfence funding to support ground-breaking operations uncovering illegal wildlife crime.

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2022 Badger cull exposed

Midway through the 2022 badger cull, Protect the Wild released shocking undercover footage of appalling biosecurity lapses by cull operators in Northamptonshire.


The Hunt Investigation Team (HIT) is a highly specialist team with years of experience fighting animal abuse and hunting. HIT are committed to exposing the truth behind fox hunting, other cruel sports, and wildlife crime.

Protect the Wild helped fund the following investigations:


Border Hunt Hounds exposé

In 2023 an investigation by HIT exposed the conditions at one of the Border Hunt’s ‘kennels’ in Northumberland.

The Vale of White Horse Hunt exposé

In 2022 an investigation revealed The Vale of White Horse hunt deliberately hunting a fox.

The Beaufort Hunt hound shooting exposé

In 2021 an investigation by HIT revealed the Duke of Beaufort Hunt shooting dead four hounds

Highlow Estate investigation

In 2022, footage taken by HIT clearly showed that the shooting industry doesn’t care about ‘their’ birds.

Leighton Hall Estate investigation

Shocking and disturbing footage of pheasant pens on the Leighton Hall Estate, captured by HIT in 2022.

Raptor persecution on
the Hilborough Estate

In 2022, HIT supported by Protect The Wild, documented illegal raptor persecution on the Hilborough Estate.

Recognise Record Report wildlife crime

Every year, across the entire United Kingdom, wildlife is being persecuted and subjected to unimaginable suffering due to illegal activities. If you have information on any wildlife crime then please notify us.

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