Builder destroys three bat roosts fined £111

A Caerphilly-based builder has received a 12-month conditional discharge and ordered to pay costs of £111 – roughly equivalent to a day’s pay for someone on the average UK wage – for illegally removing a roof at a property and destroying THREE separate bat roosts where protected Common Pipistrelles, Soprano Pipistrelles, and Whiskered Bats were […]

Wales has banned snares but animals are still dying in them

fox caught in snare near Merthyr Tydfil

Wales became the first UK country to make snares illegal. But a woman from Cardiff has found a dead fox caught in one of the death traps on a Merthyr Tydfil common. Nation Cymru reported the discovery. Caroline Nightingale, who found the fox’s body on Gelligaer Common, said: “I’m a big animal lover and was […]

Yet another fox torn apart in residential garden

Wales fox killed

A resident in Powys, Wales, has filmed a fox being torn apart by hunting hounds in a neighbour’s garden. This is the third almost identical incident that we know of in 2023 alone. The torturous death took place on 22 November 2023. One month later the resident reported her account to Nation.Cymru. She said that […]

GOOD NEWS: Hunting is dying a death as yet another pack folds

On 1 December, South Wales Hunt Saboteurs announced that the Caerphilly and District Hunt is folding. The news shows that hunting is on its knees, and an end to the brutal blood sport is in sight. The hunt’s closing meet will take place on 6 January 2024, and it announced that it will dissolve by […]

The Secret Monitor: Curre and Llangibby Hunt and their sweary supporters

The Secret Monitor

Damaging stories from inside hunting, shooting, and the badger cull have been circulating for years. Everything from breaking the law to assaults or harassment of monitors and the public and a police force seemingly happy to ‘look the other way’. But there is always someone watching, always someone listening. The Secret Monitor. In this post […]

UK FIRST: Wales snare ban comes into force today

The Wales snare ban has finally come into force today, on 17 October 2023. The country is the first in the UK to implement such a ban. Scotland, too, is likely to be following in Wales’ footsteps. Meanwhile, England lags far behind both countries when it comes to the welfare of our wildlife. The Welsh […]

More hunts have folded and the season’s barely begun

The hunting season is just getting underway and anti-hunting activists have already announced the end of several packs across England and Wales. On 28 August, the newly formed Kent Hounds announced its arrival on Facebook by uploading a logo. The notable thing about this logo is that it contains the names of four hunts around […]

GOOD NEWS: Wales bans snares

Wales rural affairs minister Lesley Griffiths announes the Agriculture Bill including a ban on snares has passed

Wales has banned snares. It is the first country in the UK to do so, and campaigners say the decision puts pressure on the rest of the Britain to follow suit. The Welsh Senedd unanimously agreed to pass the Agriculture (Wales) Bill on 27 June. The broad bill covers a range of measures related to […]

The Welsh Senedd has just approved a ban on snares without amendments


The Welsh Senedd has held its third stage reading of the Agriculture Bill. This proposed legislation, amongst other things, contains a section on the use of snares. And despite attempts to water down restrictions, the ban has continued unabated. On 16 May, Wales’s Economy, Trade, and Rural Affairs Committee held the Stage 3 reading of […]

Natural Resources Wales and one-sided ‘compromise’

As Protect the Wild’s Glen Black outlined in a March 31st news post, Natural Resources Wales (NRW) is asking the public for its thoughts on new regulations designed to licence the release of pheasants and partridges by the shooting industry. Glen wrote that we need to ‘keep our eyes on the prize’ and that ‘those […]

Wales is holding a public consultation on licensing parts of the shooting industry

Red-legged partridge pokes their head out of long grass

Natural Resources Wales (NRW) is asking the public for its thoughts on new regulation for releasing pheasants, partridges and other ‘non-native’ birds killed by the shooting industry. At present, there are regulations around the release of birds inside Wales’ sites of special scientific interest (SSSIs). However, beyond those areas, there is almost no regulatory oversight. […]

BREAKING: Wales one step closer to ban on snare use

Snare found at Hilborough Estate

The Welsh Senedd just announced it is carrying forwards a plan to prohibit the use of snares. On 27 January, the Welsh Senedd’s Economic, Trade and Rural Affairs Committee published its Stage 1 Report on its upcoming Agricultural Bill. The 116-page document covers many subjects related to the future of agricultural legislation in the nation. […]

Shocking decline leads to Red-listing of Rook, Swift, Meadow Pipit in Wales

New Wales Birds of Conservation Concern lists: 60 species on the Red List which has doubled in length in 20 years. Once common birds have been disappearing for decades, and now the Rook, Swift, Meadow Pipit, and Greenfinch have been added to the list of birds threatened with extinction in Wales. Habitat loss, agricultural intensification, […]