MoD silent despite 23000 emails urging hunting ban

Royal Artillery Hunt

Fox hunting has suffered a number of major blows over the past few years. Major landowners such as the National Trust have banned hunting from taking place on their land. But one of the UK’s biggest landowners, the Ministry of Defence (MoD), is still refusing to ban the disgusting blood sport. Protect the Wild wants […]

CAMPAIGN: End Hunting on MoD land

Yesterday Protect the Wild launched a new petition-based campaign and a new animation: End Hunting on MoD (Ministry of Defence) Land. Within two hours our social media posts had been viewed almost 50k times, and by midday this morning over 5000 people had already signed our petition to the MoD calling on them to stop […]

Ministry of Defence Police issue warning to Royal Artillery Hunt after deer chase

Ministry of Defence Police issued an official warning to two members of Royal Artillery Hunt. It comes after monitors captured footage of hounds chasing deer across Salisbury Plain. However, the video also raises questions about why stronger action wasn’t taken. Ministry of Defence (MOD) Police issued an official warning to Charles Carter, huntsman for the […]

The MoD just became even more secretive about hunting on its land


Defence Secretary Ben Wallace has sent the League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) a letter, terminating a memorandum of understanding between the animal rights organisation and the Ministry of Defence (MoD). Writing for ITV News, Rupert Evelyn said: “The long-standing memorandum between the MOD and LACS is designed to inform the anti-hunting organisation where on the […]

Podcast 01: Charles Carter runs down Moonraker Hunt Sabs

Moonraker Hunt Sabs

[buzzsprout episode=’11855413′ player=’true’]   A conversation with two members of Wiltshire’s Moonraker Hunt Sabs recorded just a few hours after they uploaded footage to Twitter which shows Charles Carter, Huntsman of the Royal Artillery Hunt, driving his car at them and knocking one of them to the ground. What follows is unverified in that I […]

Video evidence shows fox hunting by Royal Artillery Hunt

royal artillery hunt salisbury plain

Video evidence shows fox hunting by Royal Artillery Hunt   This footage was captured by members of Salisbury Plain Monitors on 30 October 2021. It shows a fox running ahead of Charles Carter, huntsman of the Royal Artillery Hunt (RAH), as Carter blows his horn. The fox then turns into a covert of trees and, […]