Roaming to Ukraine: Part Two – back out to Ukraine again

Back in early 2022, Protect the Wild was contacted by a member of the Roaming Sabs who asked if we could help provide a grant towards a vehicle – a vehicle which was going to be driven from Manchester right across Europe into a war zone to help animals! While we typically fund monitor groups […]

What is ‘rating’ hunting hounds and why do it?

Hunting  – and hunt sabbing – is packed with jargon and arcane terminology that can be very confusing at first glance. Written reports often feature terms like ‘casting’, ‘cap fees’, and ‘marking’. They will say that the hounds were ‘speaking’ or were perhaps ‘rioting’. All have very specific meanings. Another term that is often found […]

Protecting the Wild Equipment Fund #13: Radios for Roaming Sabs

The Protecting the Wild Equipment Fund was set up in Summer 2023 to help put ‘eyes in the field‘ and ‘eyes in the sky’, supporting and empowering people to protect British wildlife. We use the fund to provide equipment like body cams, trail cams, night vision kit, and video cameras to monitors and activists working […]