Permissive path closed because of Quorn Hunt trespass

Woodside Farm in Sherwood Forest, Nottinghamshire, has closed a permissive footpath after the Quorn Hunt, along with the Cottesmore Hunt, trespassed on the farm’s land. A permissive path is a path over private land, voluntarily opened to the public by a land owner, who can withdraw access at any time (for more information see our […]

Covid-19 Inquiry: Government put more thought into hunting and shooting than supporting women

This week’s Covid Inquiry has highlighted the Tory government’s incompetence during the Covid pandemic. Former deputy cabinet secretary Helena MacNamara gave a witness statement arguing that Johnson and his “macho” and “toxic” team gave more thought to hunting and shooting interests than they did women’s issues. MacNamara’s 97-page statement, criticising the governing of the pandemic, […]

Ledbury Hunt continues to get away with murder.

Ledbury Hunt

In early December 2022, the ex-huntsman of the Quorn Hunt, Ollie Finnegan, pleaded guilty to hunting foxes after his own WhatsApp messages incriminated him. The Quorn had been visiting Gloucestershire for a joint meet with the Ledbury Hunt on 7 January 2022. But it was only Finnegan who was prosecuted, while staff from the Ledbury […]

Damning text messages incriminate prominent fox hunter Ollie Finnegan

Ollie Finnegan

On 6 December 2022, Ollie Finnegan pleaded guilty to illegally hunting with dogs after WhatsApp messages, found on his phone, incriminated him. Finnegan was the huntsman for the Quorn Hunt on 7 January 2022. Police seized his phone after receiving reports of the Quorn illegally hunting a fox that day. ITV’s Rupert Evelyn attended court. […]

Exposed: tax-payer funded covid grants given to hunts

covid grants for hunts

Protect the Wild expose tax-payer funded covid grants given to hunts   “Families across the country are suffering incredible hardship and having to make tough sacrifices due to Covid-19. Why are hard-working people now being made to subsidise hunts to the tune of £160,000?” Back in 2020 Protect the Wild sent out Freedom of Information […]