Hunt saboteurs hospitalised by violent Quantock Stag Hounds riders

Quantock Stag Hounds attack sabs

On 27th November hunt saboteurs were attacked by riders of the Quantock Stag Hounds. They had to be taken to hospital to treat their injuries (see header image above). North Dorset Hunt Saboteurs are now requesting public donations to replace equipment damaged in the attack. The Quantock Stag Hounds are one of England’s most brutal […]

Gruesome footage highlights the criminality of England’s stag hunters

Quantock Stag Hounds load murdered stag onto quad bike

Quantock Staghounds (QSH) is one of the UK’s most brutal hunts. It continually murders Somerset’s stags with impunity, despite being caught on film. Now, recent footage – caught by North Dorset Hunt Sabs – is a stark reminder of just how criminal this hunt really is. The sabs’ footage – which you can view here […]

The brutal reality of stag hunting


The brutal reality of stag hunts and stag hunting Barbaric hunters on quad bikes and motorbikes, accompanied by hounds, chasing a stag to exhaustion. Hardly what you’d expect to see in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). But if you go for a walk on Somerset’s Quantock Hills, this is exactly what you might […]