Protect the Wild – how supporters EMPOWER us!

Before I get into this, can I just say now please don’t let the first two paragraphs below put you off! This short post is written to let you know how grateful we at Protect the Wild are to you (our supporters, readers, and contributors) for helping us feel less powerless and more hopeful…and as […]

If Labour get into power they MUST deal with rampant illegal fox hunting

As we reflect on the most recent fox hunting season, the horrors that have come to light are beyond comprehension. Incidents of unspeakable cruelty, perpetrated by some hunts across the UK, have revealed the urgent need for comprehensive action. Members of the Avon Vale Hunt throwing live foxes to hounds, the West Norfolk Foxhounds cornering […]

End Stag Hunting: Dr Amir Khan lends voice to new animation

Protect the Wild has launched a new short animation slamming illegal stag hunting and featuring the voice of broadcaster, wildlife campaigner and full-time NHS GP Dr Amir Khan. In our animation Dr Khan explains how deer hunts can last up to six hours and are ‘exempt’ under the Hunting Act 2004 because hunts claim they […]