How hunts are using trail hunting as a smokescreen

Waveney & Norfolk Harriers

We all know that hunts across the country deliberately chase animals. You may also know that hunts say that they are trail hunting – that is, following scent trails laid in advance of a hunt – when they are doing no such thing. But 2023 saw a new trend: some hunts actually started laying trails. […]

Four hunters plead not guilty after hounds kill fox in private garden

West Norfolk Foxhounds kill fox on patio

Four men from the West Norfolk Foxhounds have pleaded not guilty at Norwich Magistrates’ Court. Three were charged with various offences after hounds tore apart a fox in a residential garden in Hingham, Norfolk, on 20 February 2023. The men have also been charged, along with another man, for a separate hunting incident in Tittleshall, […]

BREAKING: Three arrested after fox killed in residential garden

west norfolk terrierman

Norfolk Police has announced that it has arrested three members of the West Norfolk Foxhounds after a fox was brutally murdered by hounds in a family’s garden. Two of the men have been arrested on suspicion of hunting wild mammals with dogs, criminal damage and having a dog dangerously out of control. The third man […]

Footage shows hounds out of control as fox is torn apart in garden

West Norfolk Hounds tear up fox in garden

Week in, week out, news comes in of hunting hounds that are completely out of control. And now a family in Norfolk has shared footage of the moment when the West Norfolk Foxhounds’ dogs ran into their garden, cornered a fox, then tore up the poor creature on the patio. The incident, which took place […]