Cottesmore Hunt’s masked thugs arrested

Leicestershire & Rutland Rural Policing Team at Cottesmore Hunt thugs arrest and removal of vehicles

After weeks of violently harassing hunt saboteurs, some of the Cottesmore Hunt’s hired gang of thugs have been arrested by Leicestershire Police. On Saturday 2 March, Northants Hunt Sabs wrote: “We are currently sabbing the criminal Cottesmore Hunt in Wymondham which has seen the police turn up in force to arrest their hired thugs!” Meanwhile, […]

Leicestershire Police can’t decide whether it has powers to stop illegal hunting

Hunt saboteurs were out in numbers on Saturday 18 February, monitoring and sabbing the Cottesmore Hunt. The sabs witnessed the hunt chasing a fox in full view of Leicestershire police. Following the event, the police stated to Protect The Wild that officers had no powers on the ground to intervene and stop the hunt. Northants […]