BHSA and hunting’s desperate bid to save itself

fox hunting

The British Hound Sports Association (BHSA), hunt’s so-called ‘governing’ body, has released details of its “Autumn Campaign” in the run up to the next General Election. The campaign focuses on proving to the world – and particularly Labour candidates – that ‘trail hunting’ is legal. As people who care deeply about wildlife, we should pay […]

Labour vows to ban hunting with dogs

Labour has vowed that it will properly ban hunting with dogs if it gets into power. Shadow environment secretary Steve Reed stated: “People have seen the images of packs of hounds getting into private back gardens, killing cats, ripping flocks apart. There’s not a majority in any part of the country that wants to see […]

Labour pledges to end badger cull

The government’s annual badger cull is nearing an end, at least for 2023. For almost two months, cull contractors have been out in force, luring England’s badgers into fields with peanuts and then shooting them dead. Meanwhile, Labour has announced that it will end the cull for good if elected. At the start of the […]

If Labour get into power they MUST deal with rampant illegal fox hunting

As we reflect on the most recent fox hunting season, the horrors that have come to light are beyond comprehension. Incidents of unspeakable cruelty, perpetrated by some hunts across the UK, have revealed the urgent need for comprehensive action. Members of the Avon Vale Hunt throwing live foxes to hounds, the West Norfolk Foxhounds cornering […]

Labour wants to eliminate the ‘trail hunting’ loophole if it gets into government

Stock photo showing UK election polling cards.

Labour says it will tighten the Hunting Act when it comes into government. The statement came after the party’s shadow minister for the armed forces said that he wants hunting “consigned to the history books”. On Boxing Day 2022, the Labour Party said it will “close the loopholes” that exist in the Hunting Act. Huffington […]