Labour: cull ‘ineffective’ but will continue anyway?

Labour Party says badger cull ineffective

The Labour party has been vocal in its criticism of the badger cull, and previously pledged to end it if elected. Its manifesto stated that the party would “end the ineffective badger cull”. But is Labour going back on its promise? Shadow Defra Secretary Steve Reed spoke on BBC Radio 4’s Farming Today on Wednesday […]

Labour Party manifesto and the Cull: the key word is ‘ineffective’

Labour Party says badger cull ineffective

The party manifestos are now out. There isn’t really a great deal for us pro-wildlife folk to get excited about, but we are intrigued by a few short lines referring to the badger cull in the Labour Manifesto—specifically the inclusion of the word “ineffective.” That’s because we think, as campaigners against the badger cull, we […]