No police action after hunting hounds were killed on busy road

Northamptonshire Police has stated that it will not prosecute members of the Pytchley with Woodland Hunt, even though three of its hounds were killed on the busy A43. The incident took place on 19 February between Broughton and Sywell. Northants Hunt Saboteurs wrote of the police’s decision: “We are extremely disappointed to see that Northants […]

Hunting hounds killed on A43 in ‘shocking incident’

Northants Hunt Saboteurs have received a number of reports that hounds from the Pytchley with Woodland Hunt have been killed when the hunt lost control of them. The incident took placed on 19 February on the A43 between Broughton and Sywell, Northamptonshire. The sabs posted photos on Facebook, sent to them by motorists, which show […]

Tiverton Staghounds dogs savage and kill pregnant alpaca

A pregnant alpaca named Ruby was attacked and killed by dogs from the Tiverton Staghounds on New Year’s Day. Her guardians, Lucy Aylett and Nick Stringer, said that the hunt had not informed them that they would be hunting that day, and that the hounds were clearly out of control. Lucy told DevonLive: “She was […]

HUNT HAVOC: Sab drone records moment hound almost hit on road

Foxhounds on a road with image of drone superimposed

Surrey Hunt Sabs shared video filmed by a drone of hounds chasing what the group said was a fox. And it highlights why groups including Protect the Wild say the Hunting Act needs a recklessness clause. On 4 February, Surrey Hunt Sabs shared footage filmed earlier that day by its drone. It showed hounds running […]

Mini the cat killed by out of control Western Hunt

mini the cat and car;y

Exclusive interview: Mini the cat killed by out-of-control Western Hunt ‍In March 2021 Mini the cat was chased and killed by hunting hounds in a quiet residential area. The Government should back Mini’s Law (Public and Animal Safety Bill 2021) to ensure the safety of the public and animals from hunting activity, such as trail […]