Is the Chepstow Show inviting hunts again?

It looked for a while that organisers of the Chepstow Show – keen to avoid a repeat of the tricky questions they received last year about Hunts parading in the ‘Main Ring’ – had come up with a cunning plan. Leaked minutes from a planning committee meeting in February suggested that they would invite the […]

Ten reasons why 2023 was a good year for wildlife

For those of us who love wildlife, it is easy to fall into despair when we read reports of foxes being killed and birds of prey being poisoned. Many of us will need a reminder that positive events happened in 2023! As the year comes to a close, we give ten reasons why this was […]

Another hare hunting pack has reportedly folded

George Brinkworth and the Leadon Vale Basset Hounds

The Hunt Saboteurs Association reported on 28 June that the Leadon Vale Basset Hounds had folded. It said the pack, which was one of the few remaining basset packs in the country, had come under increasing pressure by sab groups in recent years. And its demise is a sign of the times for hare hunting. […]

GOOD NEWS: Two Somerset beagle packs to merge

Ilminster Beagles filmed illegally hunting a hare by Hounds Off

The Hunt Saboteurs Association (HSA) have reported that two Somerset beagle packs are merging. And it says it’s another sign that the pastime is in “terminal decline”. On 24 April, the HSA said that the Ilminster Beagles and West Somerset Beagles will merge for the 2023/23 season. The new pack will take the name Ilminster […]

First convictions using new hare coursing laws show fresh legislation is possible

Hare coursing

New anti-hare coursing legislation came into effect last summer. We’re now seeing the first prosecutions under that law. And it shows courts can have an impact on wildlife crime – if the government wants them to. Police gained new powers to deal with hare coursing on 1 August 2022. As part of the far-reaching and […]

Hare hunting: what is it and how is it stopped?

Hare in the foreground with two harrier hounds chasing in the background

Hare hunting is less common and less well-known than fox hunting. However, it still occurs across the UK every week. Hare hunting is distinct from coursing in its use of scent hounds such as beagles and harriers; coursing uses sight hounds such as greyhounds and salukis. So what is hare hunting and how is it […]

Hare coursing and hare hunting – is there police bias?

Hare coursing and hare hunting – is there police bias? During a Westminster Hall debate on a pair of anti-hunting petitions promoted by Protect the Wild (formerly Keep The Ban), the under-secretary for environment Rebecca Pow said that the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Act would bring in new legislation that would “genuinely help [police] […]