Northern Ireland crisps boss loves hunting foxes

Stephen Hutchinson, head of Tayto crisps and member of South Tyrone Foxhounds

UPDATED 26/03/23: This article originally contained an image of packaging from the Republic of Ireland-based Tayto, a separate and unconnected brand. The image is replaced with a photo of Tayto castle, home of the northern Irish company. The boss of world-renowned northern Irish crisp producer Tayto is a “devoted” foxhunter. And local hunt saboteurs have […]

Ten reasons why 2022 was a remarkable and historic year

Fox running through a field in evening sunlight

As we reach the end of 2022, it’s a good time to look back on how far the movement against hunting has come in just 12 months. This list looks at some of the most high profile moments from the past year and is ordered chronologically. Many more moments that are no less important have […]

Huntsman found not guilty after video dropped ‘at the eleventh hour’

Wynnstay Hunt hounds running in a line across an open field towards a line of trees on the left hand side of the image.

Wrexham Magistrates’ Court found Chris Woodward not guilty of illegal hunting. Woodward, huntsman of the Wynnstay Hunt, was filmed behind a pack of hounds chasing a fox. But monitors say that the not guilty verdict came after the CPS dropped this evidence from the trial “at the eleventh hour”. Dropped and shocked Cheshire Monitors published […]

If foxhunting is banned why does it still take place?

If foxhunting is banned why does it still take place? Fox hunting in England and Wales was banned by Parliament when MPs passed the Hunting Act 2004. More precisely, all hunting of wild mammals with dogs was banned – including foxes. The Act came into force on the 18th of February 2005, so hunts were […]

Eton and beagling

beagle pack

Daily Mail appears to reveal all about Eton schoolboys and illegal hunting. Yesterday the Daily Mail printed a headline to a ‘news report’ that in just one deliberately-triggering sentence took in privilege, its current obsession with ‘woke’ (it takes a special sort of person, think Clarkson or Botham perhaps, to be proud of an ability […]