Two Essex and Suffolk Hunt men arrested for killing fox

Essex and Suffolk Hunt's Jamie Price tries to prevent a hunt sab from filming a murdered fox

Two hunters have been arrested and charged under the Hunting Act. Essex and Suffolk Hunt’s whipper-in, Jamie Price, along with huntsman Jack Henty, have been accused of illegal hunting on two separate occasions. Protect the Wild spoke to Suffolk Action for Wildlife (SAF), a group which consistently monitors the hunt. SAF said: “There were two […]

Hunter accused of six charges of animal cruelty

Sam Staniland, huntsman for the Essecx and Suffolk Hunt, during a cubbing meet in September 2022.

Sam Staniland, ex-huntsman for the Essex and Suffolk Hunt, was in court on Monday 18 December, accused of six charges under the Animal Welfare Act. The hunter pleaded not guilty to all six charges. He was accused of: Causing unnecessary suffering to a foxhound by failing to prevent the dog from fighting a fox on […]

Hunt kills deer and uses ‘falconry exemption’ to hunt illegally

Muntjac deer killed by Essex and Suffolk Hunt

On 25 September Suffolk Action For Wildlife (SAFW) posted a distressing video online. The footage showed a deer who had just been murdered by the Essex and Suffolk Hunt. Protect the Wild spoke to SAFW about the events of that day, and about a little-known loophole in the Hunting Act that hunts are using as […]

Yet another pet is seriously injured by hunting hounds

Pack of foxhounds hounds on the road. The legs of horses can also be seen.

Essex and Suffolk Hunt hounds mauled a pet dog in Layham, Suffolk, on 15 August. The hounds were being exercised when the attack happened. Local news outlet, Hadleigh Nub News, reported that the labradoodle dog needed treatment from a vet, and that “the elderly dog walker was left shocked and upset by the incident.” Terrorised […]

Police investigating Essex and Suffolk Hunt after fox bolts from badger sett

essex and suffolk terriermen

Suffolk Police is investigating the Essex and Suffolk Hunt after monitors witnessed members of the hunt trying to force a fox to bolt from a badger sett. The incident happened during the hunt’s Boxing Day meet – the most important day in the hunting calendar. While the hunt master was giving his speech, wildlife monitors […]