Derbyshire man convicted of stealing Peregrine eggs

A man has been jailed after abseiling down a quarry cliff face to steal Peregrine eggs. Christopher Wheeldon was caught on hidden cameras set up by the RSPB as he abseiled down the limestone quarry (belonging to construction company Tarmac Group) in April 2023. Derbyshire Police were alerted and Wheeldon was identified and arrested. Search […]

Equipment Fund #15: Bodycams to protect sabs in Derbyshire

As we wrote recently – in a post that more than 30000 people have now read – we reached a major milestone earlier this month: 500 paid subscribers here on Substack. And as we explained in that same post, every single penny we’re raising through those 500 paid subscriptions is going straight into our Protecting […]

Protecting the Wild Eqipment Fund #6: Derbyshire Against The Cull

We set up the Protecting the Wild Equipment Fund earlier in the summer this year to help put ‘eyes in the field‘, empowering people to protect British wildlife. We set the fund up because we know that many people who monitor are largely unfunded volunteers and often have no umbrella organisation to support them. That […]