Sadist incriminates himself filming his dog killing deer

deer coursing

Yet another man has been prosecuted after encouraging his dog to torture and kill a wild animal, filming the whole sick event, and posting it on social media. 28-year-old Sampson Richards, from Penryn, Cornwall, pleaded guilty on 21 March to attempting to take, kill or injure a deer without lawful authority – an offence under […]

Northern Ireland urgently needs to change hunting law as another pet dies

Coco the cat was killed by lurchers in Northern Ireland

On 5 November Coco the cat was murdered by hunting dogs in Northern Ireland. Her death is a stark reminder that the law in Northern Ireland needs changing urgently. Coco was 13 years old when she was killed last week. Her guardian Tracy told the Belfast Telegraph that her two children are understandably devastated by […]

Are men with dogs persecuting foxes in east London?

Fox at night

On Boxing Day morning 2022, Karen pulled up in Coldharbour Lane car park, Rainham, overlooking the River Thames. She was visiting hear parents nearby at the time. As she walked through the car park, though, she felt something was off. A white Ford van was also parked up, the person next to it apparently letting […]