SumUp denies hunts card payment services

It’s been one blow after another for fox hunters these past couple of years. Struggling to stay afloat, a number of hunts have shut down or amalgamated. And now they have been hit with yet another financial woe: they have been banned from taking card payments at their fundraising events. This is a major victory […]

Hunt saboteurs hit back at Countryside Alliance ‘meltdown’

PC Cheryl Knight

The Countryside Alliance (CA) is up in arms over Wiltshire Police’s decision not to employ fox hunters on its Rural Crime Team. It has launched a campaign to try to reverse the “unjust and divisive decision immediately”. Wiltshire Police announced that it would not employ hunters, past or present, onto its Rural Crime Team (RCT) […]

What is revealed in responses to the North Wales Police hunting review

Rider with the Flint and Denbigh Hunt next to a hunt sab and police officer

Reactions to the review of North Wales Police’s handling of the Hunting Act are unsurprisingly polarised, and they were from the outset. In August 2022, just after the surveys were first made public, the Countryside Alliance quickly announced that they were “deeply flawed” and that “the hunting community” would not participate. As a result, as […]

Thames Valley Police working with Kimblewick Hunt?

fox hounds

Thames Valley Police working with Kimblewick Hunt…surely the police aren’t really aligning with a law-breaking fox hunt?   A few days ago the pro-hunting lobby group Countryside Alliance posted a short ‘news report’ in which they claimed that Thames Valley Police had started working with the notorious Kimblewick Hunt on what was termed a ‘community […]