VOTE May 2: Elections for Police and Crime Commissioners

Elections for England and Wales’ Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) take place on 2 May. Whoever gets in could have a major impact on wildlife. Whether we vote for our preferred candidate or vote tactically, it is essential that we all get out to vote. While the turnout for the PCC election is not as low […]

BREAKING: Warwickshire Hunt charged under the Hunting Act

Warwickshire Police has been under the spotlight for many months, repeatedly criticised for its biased policing of the Warwickshire Hunt. Meanwhile, Warwickshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC), Philip Seccombe, has been accused by many of having direct involvement over the policing of his hunting friends. Now, in a surprising U-turn, the police force has announced […]

Police slap a newly merged hunt with an ‘ASBO’ before it’s even got going

Hertfordshire Constabulary logo and generic hunt scene to illustrate police issuing Puckeridge and Essex Union Hunt a community protection notice

Police in Hertfordshire have slapped the Puckeridge and Essex Union Hunt with a Community Protection Notice (CPN). The requirements of the notice are extensive and will hamper the pack’s week-to-week hunting. On 26 July, Hertfordshire Constabulary announced it had issued a CPN to the Puckeridge and Essex Union Hunt. The stipulations of the notice include […]

Police ‘ASBO’ the Warwickshire Hunt for causing road chaos

Pack of foxhounds hounds on the road. The legs of horses can also be seen.

Warwickshire Police has slapped the Warwickshire Hunt with an ‘ASBO’. It means the hunt is required to tell the police whenever it crosses a public road. And the local hunt saboteur group has welcomed the move. On 14 December, Warwickshire Rural Crime Team announced it had issued a Community Protection Notice (CPN) to the Warwickshire […]