Hunt monitors urge us to complain about Horse & Hound magazine

Hunt monitors are asking people to complain about Horse & Hound’s recent cover story, which misleads its readers about the criminal Wynnstay Hunt. The ‘struggling hunt propaganda‘ publication’s feature article, written by Oliver Townend (whose website says he is the World Number One Event Rider and stresses the importance of his sponsors), waxes poetic about […]

Drone footage proves ‘no trail laid’ by Cheshire Hunt

Cheshire Independent Hunt Monitors (or the Cheshire Indies as they’re usually known) are an independent monitoring group working across the northwest of England. They focus on the Cheshire Hunt, Cheshire Forest Hunt, and the notorious Wynnstay Hunt (a hunt that has regularly featured on Protect the Wild eg see here). In November 2023 Protect the […]

Protecting the Wild Equipment Fund #1: Cheshire Borderland Monitors

The Protecting the Wild Equipment Fund provides equipment like radios or cameras to individuals or groups who are working in the field to protect wildlife. We have asked each recipient to explain what they do and how they are using the equipment we have provided – not only to show supporters how their donations are […]

Do you live in Cheshire or north Wales? You can save fox cubs from being murdered

Nine out of ten people have never heard of cubbing. Beginning later this summer, cubbing is an illegal practice, where hunts across the country train their young hounds by hunting and killing fox cubs. Cubbing marks the beginning of the hunting season, and runs from August to October. While the young hounds are trained, hunting […]

Nazi salute hunt supporter pleads guilty to harassment

Ian Jones gives a sieg heil nazi salute during a meet of the Wynnstay Hunt

A hunt supporter filmed performing a Nazi salute during a Wynnstay Hunt meet has pleaded guilty to aggravated harassment. Protect the Wild reported in February on Ian Jones, who performed a ‘sieg heil’ salute at Cheshire Monitors. The incident occurred during a Wynnstay Hunt meet on 7 February, with a member of the monitor group […]

What is revealed in responses to the North Wales Police hunting review

Rider with the Flint and Denbigh Hunt next to a hunt sab and police officer

Reactions to the review of North Wales Police’s handling of the Hunting Act are unsurprisingly polarised, and they were from the outset. In August 2022, just after the surveys were first made public, the Countryside Alliance quickly announced that they were “deeply flawed” and that “the hunting community” would not participate. As a result, as […]

Mounted huntsman charges at monitor and threatens to kill him

Chris Woodward Wynnstay Hunt

On Saturday 7 January, the Wynnstay Hunt stooped to a new low when its huntsman threatened a Cheshire Monitors volunteer. The monitors were on the ground, preventing illegal hunting from taking place, when huntsman Chris Woodward charged his horse at one of them. The monitor was shouting the command “leave it” to the hounds to […]

Huntsman found not guilty after video dropped ‘at the eleventh hour’

Wynnstay Hunt hounds running in a line across an open field towards a line of trees on the left hand side of the image.

Wrexham Magistrates’ Court found Chris Woodward not guilty of illegal hunting. Woodward, huntsman of the Wynnstay Hunt, was filmed behind a pack of hounds chasing a fox. But monitors say that the not guilty verdict came after the CPS dropped this evidence from the trial “at the eleventh hour”. Dropped and shocked Cheshire Monitors published […]