SIGN THE PETITION: Drop The Newt from the Chelsea Flower Show

The world famous Chelsea Flower Show, organised by the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS), is running between 21 and 25 May. Its headline sponsor is luxury hotel The Newt – a business that supports hunting. Protect the Wild is asking our readers to sign a petition, calling on the RHS to cut its association with the […]

We’re supporting a new sab group in the west of England

The 2023/24 ‘hunting season’ (and how appalling is it that a wildlife crime still has the term ‘season’ attached to it?) may have ended at last, but that doesn’t mean that monitor and sab groups are not making plans and rebuilding or restocking after a bruising nine months – or that Protect the Wld is […]

Blackmore and Sparkford Vale hunter found guilty of causing ABH

After a three day trial, Blackmore and Sparkford Vale (BSV) member Charlie Mayo, son of hunt master Anthony Mayo, has been found guilty of assaulting a hunt saboteur and causing actual bodily harm (ABH). The saboteur was so badly injured that he was hospitalised. The assault, which North Dorset Hunt Saboteurs described as “unprovoked” and […]

Hunt violence at sickening levels, new report shows

violence in hunting protect the wild report

Protect the Wild recently published “Hunting: A Case for Change“, a 50-page report that offers a thorough examination of hunting practices during the 2022/23 season. The report focuses predominantly on fox, hare, and deer hunting in England and Wales. Author Glen Black utilised a combination of online data from anti-hunting groups, public reports, and activist […]

Suspension of disgraced hunt just token gesture

The Blackmore and Sparkford Vale hounds kill a fox. Drone footage by North Dorset Sabs

On 26 January, we reported that the Blackmore and Sparkford Vale (BSV) Hunt had been suspended by hunting’s governing body. But it’s now been revealed that the British Hound Sports Association (BHSA) has only banned the hunt for a total of three weeks. The BSV is now continuing to hunt until the end of February. […]

BREAKING NEWS! Notorious Blackmore and Sparkford Vale Hunt suspended

The Blackmore and Sparkford Vale hounds kill a fox. Drone footage by North Dorset Sabs

North Dorset Hunt Saboteurs’ drone footage has captured the moment the Blackmore and Sparkford Vale (BSV) Hunt’s hounds ripped up a fox. And now the notorious hunt has finally been suspended by hunting’s so-called ‘governing body’. Channel 4 News broadcast the footage to the nation on the evening of 25 January. The harrowing video, captured […]

Blackmore and Sparkford Vale Hunt men arrested after attacks on sabs

Hunt saboteurs' cars are targeted by BSV thugs. Photo by North Dorset Hunt Saboteurs

Dorset Police Rural Crime Team has arrested two men associated with the Blackmore and Sparkford Vale (BSV) Hunt. The arrests come after a number of attacks on hunt saboteurs. The police stated: “After a detailed investigation into reports of assault and thefts at the Blackmore and Sparkford Vale hunt; we can now confirm that we […]

Covid-19 Inquiry: Government put more thought into hunting and shooting than supporting women

This week’s Covid Inquiry has highlighted the Tory government’s incompetence during the Covid pandemic. Former deputy cabinet secretary Helena MacNamara gave a witness statement arguing that Johnson and his “macho” and “toxic” team gave more thought to hunting and shooting interests than they did women’s issues. MacNamara’s 97-page statement, criticising the governing of the pandemic, […]

Hunt attacks homes and vehicles of sabs and monitor

Hunt saboteurs' cars are targeted by BSV thugs. Photo by North Dorset Hunt Saboteurs

North Dorset Hunt Saboteurs reported this week that two female saboteurs have been attacked and their cameras were stolen. Homes and vehicles were also targeted. Images were released of the damage done to a hunt monitor’s silver car and to a van belonging to the hunt sabs.  The sabs are asking for help to raise […]

Blackmore & Sparkford Vale Hunt murder or dig out foxes three times in one week

Earlier this year, the public was outraged when ITV News broadcast the Avon Vale Hunt digging out two foxes. On 21 September 2023, North Dorset Hunt Saboteurs caught the Blackmore and Sparkford Vale Hunt (BSV) doing the exact same thing. The sabs also caught the hunt trying to dig out another fox just days later, […]

Blackmore and Sparkford Vale Hunt filmed ripping up fox

For hunters whose bloodlust knows no bounds, it’s cub hunting season: a time when they can train their hounds to murder defenceless fox cubs. The Blackmore and Sparkford Vale (BSV) Hunt was caught and filmed on 24 August, the hounds appearing to tear up a fox that they had just killed. Dorset Monitor was observing […]

Somerset County Council using emergency powers to help hunt parades

Red fox standing in snow, looking at the camera.

Somerset County Council (SCC) will use powers meant for emergency roadworks to help Boxing Day hunt parades go ahead this year. The revelation broke on 14 December after Action Against Foxhunting (AAF) met with SCC’s highways officer. AAF told Protect the Wild that the Blackmore and Sparkford Vale Hunt, Cotley Harriers and Seavington Foxhounds will […]

Police investigation launched into footage of hunting hounds killing a fox

A rider and terrierman stand with a pack of hunting hounds that have just killed a fox.

Police confirmed they are investigating footage published online that appears to show hounds killing a fox. The incident occurred at Charleton Horethorne, Somerset, during a meet of the Blackmore and Sparkford Vale Hunt. Police investigation On 26 November, hunt monitor group Wildlife Crime Action published a video showing hounds huddled together, ragging something on the […]