“Hunting: A Case for Change”: Likely thousands of hares hunted every year

Protect the Wild recently published “Hunting: A Case for Change“, a 50-page report that offers a thorough examination of hunting practices during the 2022/23 season. The report focusses predominantly on fox, hare, and deer hunting in England and Wales. Author Glen Black utilised a combination of online data from anti-hunting groups, public reports, and activist […]

GOOD NEWS: Airedale Beagles pack folds


Another hunt has folded. It wasn’t regularly monitored or sabbed. But it’s nonetheless a sign that the writing is on the wall for the hunting industry. On 19 January, the Hunt Saboteurs Association (HSA) shared news that the Airedale Beagles are finishing as a hunt. The hunt, based near Keighley in West Yorkshire, were one […]

Hare hunting: what is it and how is it stopped?

Hare in the foreground with two harrier hounds chasing in the background

Hare hunting is less common and less well-known than fox hunting. However, it still occurs across the UK every week. Hare hunting is distinct from coursing in its use of scent hounds such as beagles and harriers; coursing uses sight hounds such as greyhounds and salukis. So what is hare hunting and how is it […]