Man jailed after setting dogs on fox in garage

30-year-old Dane Crawford has been sentenced to 30 months in prison for animal cruelty. He trapped a fox in his garage and set his pet dogs on the poor animal. His girlfriend, 23-year-old Shelby Wallis, was also sentenced under the Animal Welfare Act. The pair, who live together in Lancaster, previously pleaded guilty to four […]

Dorset men jailed for mutilating wild animals

Cooper brothers guilty of animal cruelty

Two men have been imprisoned for torturing animals in Dorset. Kristen Cooper, 24, and Todd Cooper, 29, both from Hampshire, were sentenced at Southampton Crown Court on 19 January. Dorset Police investigated the two men, with assistance from their Hampshire colleagues. Police searched Kristen Cooper’s home in October 2022, seized his phone, and found incriminating […]

Red squirrel suffers slow and painful death in unmonitored trap

trapped red squirrel

Scotland’s Daily Record has published a photo of a trapped red squirrel, who had likely suffered a slow death from starvation and dehydration. The horrific image shows just how barbaric and torturous even supposedly ‘humane’ animal traps are if they are not regularly checked by the operator. Dog walker Paula McLachlan discovered the body of […]

Hunt sabs say huntsman sacked for ‘beating a hound almost to death’

Hunt saboteurs have announced that huntsman Guy Fitzearle has been sacked from the Kimblewick Hunt. East Herts Sabs wrote that he beat a hound “almost to death”. They said: “Well the truth is out. The hound wasn’t doing as it was told so he grabbed it by the tail, beat it around the head until […]

Cottesmore Hunt rider who kicked and punched horse due to stand trial

Disgraced hunter and ex-primary school teacher Sarah Moulds is due to stand trial on 22 August 2023. She was filmed hitting and kicking a horse, and is charged with two offences under the Animal Welfare Act. Moulds was a field rider with the Cottesmore Hunt on 6 November 2021. Her horse, Bruce, wandered a few […]

Hunt master caught on camera ‘thrashing’ a hound with his whip

George Pullen and huntsman's whip

Mendip Hunt Saboteurs published video that showing a hunt master that “thrashed” a hound with a whip. And it’s a cruel reminder of how much care and respect some hunts show the animals they’re supposed to care for and respect. The group said the master in question was George Pullen, a master of the Mendip […]