Shooting Estates must keep a public register of all mammals they trap and snare.

Every day tens of thousands of traps and snares are laid by gamekeepers on shooting estates. Countless foxes and other animals are being killed every day to protect shooting’s profits – yet there is no legal requirement for a public register of just how many to be kept.

Shooting estates blame predators (who eat to survive, not for a day out of so-called ‘sport, and are an essential part of every ecosystem) for killing birds they want to sell to shooters. Countless numbers of these wild mammals are killed in traps and snares, but no-one knows just how many because there is no legal requirement to keep a public record of trapping data.

Little accurate data exists on the status of local (let alone national) populations of predators like weasels, stoats or even foxes. Yet the very shooting estates that historically drove mammals like the Pine Marten, Polecat, and Red Squirrel close to extinction in large parts of their former strongholds are able to kill these animals without making any data publically accessible.

At the moment shooting estates are able to hide how many animals they are killing. We think that is wrong.

It should be a legal requirement to document all mammals killed by each shooting estate and its employees or contractors, and a database made publicly available of all mammals killed on each shooting estate so that we can all see just how many animals are being killed to ‘protect’ the shooting industry’s profits.

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You can get involved and send a letter to the UK’s Home Secretary, asking to make it a legal requirement to document and make publically available every mammal killed by each and every shooting estate.

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