Every year, across the entire United Kingdom, wildlife is being persecuted and subjected to unimaginable suffering due to illegal activities. Despite being a nation of self-proclaimed animal lovers’ wildlife criminals are illegally harming our precious wildlife.

Foxes, badgers, deer, hares, mink, birds and many more species are the victims of ‘bloodsports’ and other inhumane activities.

Fox hunting alone is responsible for approximately 15,000 hunting days per year. Every year there are multiple reports, allegations, prosecutions, and investigations showing fox hunts illegally hunting foxes as opposed to ‘trail hunting’. Reports in the last year alone have documented the vile practices carried out by terriermen, the activity of ‘cubbing’, assaults on sab and monitor groups, sett digging, hound shooting, and out of control hounds (often traumatising or even killing domestic animals).

The above are just some of the direct and indirect impacts of fox hunting. Add in badger baiting, hare coursing, deer hunting, game shooting, and mink hunting amongst so many other forms of wildlife persecution and suddenly the British countryside becomes a very dangerous place for wildlife.

We need your help to end wildlife crime. We will not stop until barbaric ‘blood sports’ are consigned to the history books.

If you have information on any wildlife crime then please use the form on this page and notify us.