Councils – No End of Year
Hunt Parades

How better to celebrate Christmas than blocking town centres and having drunken hunt supporters intimidating local people…?


Councillors need to know the risks they are taking – and what laws they might be allowing to be broken – if they allow hunts to parade in their parishes, towns, or districts.


Protect the Wild is working with Action Against Foxhunting (AAF) to persuade a number of selected councils to stop hunts parading in their council area on Boxing or New Year’s Day.

“Boxing Day is the biggest day of the year for hunts across the country. Hunt staff will don their ridiculous attire and parade in villages and towns, blocking streets. Their supporters will cheer at them and get drunk, while the hunts will then go off to terrorise foxes, hares and deer in the nearby countryside.”

Eliza Egret, Protect the Wild

It is time that councils stood up to wildlife criminals!

We are sending letters to twenty-two different councils (so far, we may add more) – from Cornwall and Kent to Somerset and North Yorkshire – reminding them of their legal duties and pointing out how hunts typically break the law when they parade on Boxing or New Year’s Day.

Councils allow different activities to take place, so we asked Advocates for Animals (a legal firm specialising in using the law to protect animals) to write the letters for us.

Click any of the boxes below and you will be taken to a specifically-written letter you can send to the councils you want to tell #NoHuntParades!

The more letters we send the more each council is going to take notice – so please click away…

Thank you.

Councils By Region


The Midlands

North Yorkshire

South Yorkshire

The South East:
Essex, Kent *, Suffolk

 (*The hunts using Elham/Folkestone (East Kent with West Street) and Tenterden (Ashford Valley Tickham) merged in August to form the Kent Hounds. We are keeping these petitions live while we discover if this ‘new’ pack will parade on Boxing/New Year’s Day.)

The South West:
Cornwall, Devon, Gloucestershire, Somerset, Wiltshire