PTW Wildlife Rescue/Animal Hospital Donation: Secret World Wildlife Rescue

Thanks to our supporters, Protect the Wild has been delighted to be able to donate to a wildlife rescue that is doing fantastic work in the south of England: Secret World Wildlife Rescue.

Based in Somerset, Secret World Wildlife Rescue has rescued on average 5000 animals every year since it was set up in 1992. Staff and volunteers work tirelessly to rehabilitate everything from foxes, badgers and Harvest Mice to birds of prey, Magpies and gulls – no animal is too small or too large or more or less important than any other, and all receive a huge amount of dedicated care from a team of trained animal carers and vet nurses with a strong commitment to providing medication, veterinary care and time for recovery.

Protect the Wild’s Charlie Moores (who has visited the Rescue several times in the past) is planning a visit down to Secret World Wildlife Rescue in March and will be writing a blog then, but in the meantime we’re very grateful to the following very kind words from David Plant, Fundraising Manager at Secret World Wildlife Rescue:

“Secret World Wildlife Rescue is so grateful to Protect the Wild for the very generous donation of £2,500 to support our work with wildlife.
Our ‘orphan season’ begins around March, when new-born animals find themselves separated from their parents. Around 40% of our admissions are a direct result of human activities; at this time of year, nests and dens are disturbed by gardeners, parent animals are killed on the roads, and vulnerable wildlife finds itself exposed to new dangers. This donation will support these animals and help give them a second chance at life in the wild.
We are great admirers of Protect the Wild’s tireless work to help our wildlife and expose intentional and illegal cruelty. They are making a real impact and successfully campaigning for positive change. These issues – in particular fox hunting – were once the preserve of dedicated animal rights activists; they are now making the mainstream news and being discussed by everyone. Protect the Wild have been instrumental in this, and we thank them for doing their bit to help wildlife.
It’s an honour to be selected for this donation, which will help some of the roughly 5,000 sick, injured, and orphaned wild animals we assist every year.”