PTW Equipment Fund: Cheshire Against Blood Sports

This month Protect the Wild has been pleased to be able to respond to a request from Cheshire Against Blood Sports for body cameras to record evidence and protect them from members and supporters of the Cheshire Hunt – the current home of notorious huntsman and fox killer Ollie Finnegan. We were able to supply the group with four cameras which they are now using in the field.

We are asking any group who receives funds from us to write a short post or blog for us – not because we want to be thanked, but to show our supporters where their money is going! We think that in turn will help us grow our ‘equipment fund pot’ so we can help more groups. You support us, we help them, they protect wildlife. How’s that for a virtuous circle…


Cheshire Against Blood Sports

“We would like to give a big shout out to Protect the Wild for their really generous donation of four body cameras for our group. Having these cameras on Saturday enabled us to gather more damning evidence on the Cheshire Hunt including assaults and vehicle damage.

We are a totally self-funded group so this is a massive boost for us. We would urge any independent groups to contact Protect the Wild if you need a helping hand.”


You are very welcome CABS, and thanks for all that you do out there in the field and on the ground.