Fox Inn Stourton

GOOD NEWS: Another pub disassociates itself from a hunt

The Fox Inn in Stourton has cancelled the Albrighton and Woodland Hunt’s end-of-season supper, which was due to take place on 21 March. It is the latest of a number of pubs that have disassociated themselves from fox hunting.

After news of the pub hosting the event circulated on social media, a number of people said that they would boycott the Fox Inn – which then cancelled the supper. The pub’s owners refused to comment, but the hunt itself confirmed the cancellation.

Staffordshire Hunt Saboteurs wrote of the news:

“This is yet another business that does not wish to be associated with organised crime groups and we commend them for making this decision.
The Albrighton were out yesterday, despite telling sabs on Saturday that their season had ended. Seems the Albrighton aren’t capable of telling the truth to anyone. They were relentlessly chasing foxes, and at a time when many vixens will now be pregnant. It sickens us to think that people like [huntsman] Paul Larby and [his partner] Phillipa Ward get enjoyment from watching foxes being terrorised, as well as allowing hounds to run out of control within the grounds of a special educational needs school.
But thankfully more and more people are beginning to make a stand.
A massive shout out to all the landowners, businesses and members of the public that have taken a stand against any hunt this season 👏

One of a number of pubs

The Fox Inn joins a growing list of pubs that have recently disassociated themselves from hunting.
  • In October 2023 we reported on the Anchor Inn in Exebridge when its owner, Greene King, stated that the pub would no longer host the Quantock Staghounds.
  • In December 2022, we covered how the Raven Inn in Powys chose not to host the South Shropshire Hunt’s Boxing Day meet. The pub said the decision came after it had received a “kind and non-abusive” message.
  • In March 2022, the Jamaica Inn in Cornwall, which had hosted hunts for 100 years, decided to stop hosting hunts after local pack the East Cornwall Hunt invited the Beaufort Hunt to the pub.
  • And in November 2021, the First and Last Inn, also in Cornwall, stopped hosting hunts after the Western Hunt, which had reserved a lunch event at the pub, was filmed killing family cat Mini.

A small but significant victory

As hunting packs across the country tear up animals, they are desperate to control how they are depicted to the public. Hunts insist that the populations of rural villages and towns in the UK support them, but this is largely a false narrative.

Pubs – essential to our local communities – are important allies for hunts as they attempt to uphold the image that hunting is just a harmless, quaint, rural pastime. So when pub owners withdraw their permission for events, hunts lose that air of respectability that they have so carefully tried to craft. At the same time, the public is able to see through the hunting industry’s deceptive propaganda.

  • In taking a stand against illegal hunting, pubs are showing that they are truly listening to public opinion. They are sending a clear message that those who heartlessly murder wild animals are not welcome in our communities. Hunting with dogs needs to be consigned to the history books – and actions by local businesses are small but significant steps in making this happen.
  • The Fox Inn is “set in the picturesque Staffordshire countryside on the edge of Kinver village” and dates back to the late 18th century. for more information go to their website at