Podcast 02: Snares and trailing a new campaign


A short podcast by Charlie Moores about snares – recorded the day before he headed to London to listen to a pro-hunt and pro-shoot government ‘debate’ last year’s petition organised by Animal Aid that called for a ban on the use, sale, and manufacture of snares…   “If you’re a certain age you may remember […]

Podcast 01: Charles Carter runs down Moonraker Hunt Sabs

Moonraker Hunt Sabs

[buzzsprout episode=’11855413′ player=’true’]   A conversation with two members of Wiltshire’s Moonraker Hunt Sabs recorded just a few hours after they uploaded footage to Twitter which shows Charles Carter, Huntsman of the Royal Artillery Hunt, driving his car at them and knocking one of them to the ground. What follows is unverified in that I […]