Another hunter sentenced for animal cruelty, but escapes prison

Greg Baker, former huntsman of the Llandeilo Farmers Hunt, has been found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering to animals. Five horses and one hound suffered from severe abuse under his care. The Hunt Saboteurs Association (HSA) and South Wales Hunt Saboteurs stated that the RSPCA had raided Baker’s property, and found that the horses were: […]

SIGN THE PETITION: Drop The Newt from the Chelsea Flower Show

The world famous Chelsea Flower Show, organised by the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS), is running between 21 and 25 May. Its headline sponsor is luxury hotel The Newt – a business that supports hunting. Protect the Wild is asking our readers to sign a petition, calling on the RHS to cut its association with the […]

Animal abuser King Charles becomes new patron of the RSPCA

The RSPCA is “immensely honoured” that King Charles has become its new patron. Protect the Wild argues that this man, who abuses animals, should never have such a role in an animal welfare charity. This article explores Charles’ bloodlust for killing mammals and birds, and details how his vast estates are shooting playgrounds. The RSPCA […]

No police action after hunting hounds were killed on busy road

Northamptonshire Police has stated that it will not prosecute members of the Pytchley with Woodland Hunt, even though three of its hounds were killed on the busy A43. The incident took place on 19 February between Broughton and Sywell. Northants Hunt Saboteurs wrote of the police’s decision: “We are extremely disappointed to see that Northants […]

We’re supporting a new sab group in the west of England

The 2023/24 ‘hunting season’ (and how appalling is it that a wildlife crime still has the term ‘season’ attached to it?) may have ended at last, but that doesn’t mean that monitor and sab groups are not making plans and rebuilding or restocking after a bruising nine months – or that Protect the Wld is […]

Labour PCC victories give some hope to wildlife

PCC results 2024

Labour has made significant gains in the 2024 England and Wales Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) elections. This could be very positive news for animals – because PCCs have significant influence over whether wildlife crime is taken seriously by local police forces. Labour gained 9 new seats, while Conservative lost 11. A PCC’s role is […]

Tory MP Ben Wallace joins British Hound Sports Association board

As the general election approaches, the Tories continue to remind us why they’re not fit for government. News that MP and ex-Defence Secretary Ben Wallace has joined the British Hound Sports Association board is yet another indication that this party needs to be ousted. Of course, anti-hunting campaigners have always known that Wallace is pro-hunting. […]

Huntsman charged under Scotland’s Hunting With Dogs Act

Matthew Wilkinson, huntsman of the Jed Forest Hunt, has made history as the first man to be charged under Scotland’s Hunting With Dogs Act. A second man, David Every of the Berwickshire Hunt, was arrested then released while the police make further enquiries. The Hunting With Dogs (Scotland) Bill became an Act in March 2023, […]

BHSA and hunting’s desperate bid to save itself

fox hunting

The British Hound Sports Association (BHSA), hunt’s so-called ‘governing’ body, has released details of its “Autumn Campaign” in the run up to the next General Election. The campaign focuses on proving to the world – and particularly Labour candidates – that ‘trail hunting’ is legal. As people who care deeply about wildlife, we should pay […]

VOTE May 2: Elections for Police and Crime Commissioners

Elections for England and Wales’ Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) take place on 2 May. Whoever gets in could have a major impact on wildlife. Whether we vote for our preferred candidate or vote tactically, it is essential that we all get out to vote. While the turnout for the PCC election is not as low […]

Blackmore and Sparkford Vale hunter found guilty of causing ABH

After a three day trial, Blackmore and Sparkford Vale (BSV) member Charlie Mayo, son of hunt master Anthony Mayo, has been found guilty of assaulting a hunt saboteur and causing actual bodily harm (ABH). The saboteur was so badly injured that he was hospitalised. The assault, which North Dorset Hunt Saboteurs described as “unprovoked” and […]

Hunt monitors urge us to complain about Horse & Hound magazine

Hunt monitors are asking people to complain about Horse & Hound’s recent cover story, which misleads its readers about the criminal Wynnstay Hunt. The ‘struggling hunt propaganda‘ publication’s feature article, written by Oliver Townend (whose website says he is the World Number One Event Rider and stresses the importance of his sponsors), waxes poetic about […]

BREAKING: Warwickshire Hunt charged under the Hunting Act

Warwickshire Police has been under the spotlight for many months, repeatedly criticised for its biased policing of the Warwickshire Hunt. Meanwhile, Warwickshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC), Philip Seccombe, has been accused by many of having direct involvement over the policing of his hunting friends. Now, in a surprising U-turn, the police force has announced […]

GREAT NEWS! Yet another hunt is going…

Great news. Pendle Forest and Craven Harriers Hunt is folding

The Pendle Forest and Craven Harriers, a hare hunt covering Lancashire and North Yorkshire and based at kennels at Coniston Hall near Skipton, are disbanding. They join a long list of hunts folding as landowners and the public turn more and more against them. The Hunt made the announcement on 12 March, saying that the […]

GOOD NEWS: Another pub disassociates itself from a hunt

Fox Inn Stourton

The Fox Inn in Stourton has cancelled the Albrighton and Woodland Hunt’s end-of-season supper, which was due to take place on 21 March. It is the latest of a number of pubs that have disassociated themselves from fox hunting. After news of the pub hosting the event circulated on social media, a number of people […]

Cottesmore Hunt’s masked thugs arrested

Leicestershire & Rutland Rural Policing Team at Cottesmore Hunt thugs arrest and removal of vehicles

After weeks of violently harassing hunt saboteurs, some of the Cottesmore Hunt’s hired gang of thugs have been arrested by Leicestershire Police. On Saturday 2 March, Northants Hunt Sabs wrote: “We are currently sabbing the criminal Cottesmore Hunt in Wymondham which has seen the police turn up in force to arrest their hired thugs!” Meanwhile, […]

OPINION: Philip Seccombe not fit for role as Police and Crime Commissioner

Warwickshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner, Philip Seccombe, is once more running as a candidate in the 2 May PCC election. In a two-part series, Protect the Wild takes a closer look at his extensive links to hunting – including to his friends in the Warwickshire Hunt – and argues that someone with such an obvious […]

Fox Killer Baits: Illegal, reckless, and probably a scam.

Protect the Wild was recently sent a link to a product allegedly on sale in the UK – Fox Killer Baits – that is illegal to use here, is supported by reckless and negligent advice – and to top it all it seems to be being sold on what may well be a scam site anyway!

Equipment Fund #19: North East Hunt Monitors

As an organisation we do prefer to look forward rather than look back, but it has been a good month for the Equipment Fund – and ‘Equipment Fund 2.0’! How so? Because we recently saw paid subscriptions on our Substack soar over the 600 mark! That’s great news because every single penny we raise from […]

Labour vows to ban hunting with dogs

Labour has vowed that it will properly ban hunting with dogs if it gets into power. Shadow environment secretary Steve Reed stated: “People have seen the images of packs of hounds getting into private back gardens, killing cats, ripping flocks apart. There’s not a majority in any part of the country that wants to see […]

Hunting hounds killed on A43 in ‘shocking incident’

Northants Hunt Saboteurs have received a number of reports that hounds from the Pytchley with Woodland Hunt have been killed when the hunt lost control of them. The incident took placed on 19 February on the A43 between Broughton and Sywell, Northamptonshire. The sabs posted photos on Facebook, sent to them by motorists, which show […]

National Trust: failure to enforce ban emboldening hunts

The Wynnstay Hunt comes out of National Trust land

The National Trust (NT) banned so-called trail hunting back in October 2021, after a hard-fought battle by members and campaigners who took a motion to the Trust’s AGM in Harrogate. But more than three years later hunts continue to trespass on its estates. Protect the Wild takes a look at the charity’s inaction as wildlife […]

Fantastic news! Another hunt bites the dust

oakley hunt folds

Beds and Bucks Hunt Sabs have confirmed that the Oakley Hunt will be folding at the end of this hunting season. The sabs have had the news confirmed by a number of sources. The Oakley has hunted foxes in four counties – Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire, Cambridgeshire, and Buckinghamshire. Like other hunts across the UK, it has […]

Derwent Hunt filmed trespassing on nature reserve

Video evidence clearly showing the Derwent Hunt blatantly taking a pack of hounds onto a much-loved local nature reserve has been shared with Protect the Wild. On Saturday 27 January this year, North Yorkshire’s Derwent Hunt was filmed riding with hounds into Chafer Wood, a Yorkshire Wildlife Trust (YWT) Nature Reserve which is described as […]

Suspension of disgraced hunt just token gesture

The Blackmore and Sparkford Vale hounds kill a fox. Drone footage by North Dorset Sabs

On 26 January, we reported that the Blackmore and Sparkford Vale (BSV) Hunt had been suspended by hunting’s governing body. But it’s now been revealed that the British Hound Sports Association (BHSA) has only banned the hunt for a total of three weeks. The BSV is now continuing to hunt until the end of February. […]

What is ‘rating’ hunting hounds and why do it?

Hunting  – and hunt sabbing – is packed with jargon and arcane terminology that can be very confusing at first glance. Written reports often feature terms like ‘casting’, ‘cap fees’, and ‘marking’. They will say that the hounds were ‘speaking’ or were perhaps ‘rioting’. All have very specific meanings. Another term that is often found […]

MP demands answers about policing of Warwickshire Hunt

MP Matt Western has written to both the Home Secretary and the Chief Constable of Warwickshire Police. The politician has said he is “making clear my express concerns about the lack of transparency” around the policing of the Warwickshire Hunt. Back in May 2022, Warwickshire Police’s Rural Crime Team gave the hunt a warning notice […]

BREAKING NEWS! Notorious Blackmore and Sparkford Vale Hunt suspended

The Blackmore and Sparkford Vale hounds kill a fox. Drone footage by North Dorset Sabs

North Dorset Hunt Saboteurs’ drone footage has captured the moment the Blackmore and Sparkford Vale (BSV) Hunt’s hounds ripped up a fox. And now the notorious hunt has finally been suspended by hunting’s so-called ‘governing body’. Channel 4 News broadcast the footage to the nation on the evening of 25 January. The harrowing video, captured […]

It’s official – more hunts merge!

Southdown and Eridge Hunt parade through Lewes on Boxing Day

The British Hound Sports Association (BHSA) – hunting’s self-titled ‘governing body’ – has officially confirmed that the Southdown and Eridge Hunt is merging with the East Sussex and Romney Marsh Hunt. This welcome news shows that hunts are really struggling to stay afloat. The news came on 17 January, when the BHSA announced that it […]

Jeremy Clarkson sponsors fox hunting fundraiser

Jeremy Clarkson drinks his Hawkstone lager

Fox-hater Jeremy Clarkson is sponsoring a horse racing event that is raising funds for the criminal Heythrop Hunt. This Sunday 21 January the Cocklebarrow Races will take place in Gloucestershire. It is the Heythrop’s only point-to-point event of the year, and is a big money-maker. Not only will hunting fanatics be racing horses, they will […]

HARROWING: Cottesmore Hunt masked thugs attack vehicle with hammer

The notorious Cottesmore Hunt has struck again, using yet more violence to try to scare off Northants Hunt Saboteurs. The sabs’ account of the attack, which took place on 13 January 2024, is harrowing. This new incident involved “ten plus” masked thugs attacking the sabs’ vehicle and trying to gain access to the sabs themselves. […]

Two Essex and Suffolk Hunt men arrested for killing fox

Essex and Suffolk Hunt's Jamie Price tries to prevent a hunt sab from filming a murdered fox

Two hunters have been arrested and charged under the Hunting Act. Essex and Suffolk Hunt’s whipper-in, Jamie Price, along with huntsman Jack Henty, have been accused of illegal hunting on two separate occasions. Protect the Wild spoke to Suffolk Action for Wildlife (SAF), a group which consistently monitors the hunt. SAF said: “There were two […]

Drone footage proves ‘no trail laid’ by Cheshire Hunt

Cheshire Independent Hunt Monitors (or the Cheshire Indies as they’re usually known) are an independent monitoring group working across the northwest of England. They focus on the Cheshire Hunt, Cheshire Forest Hunt, and the notorious Wynnstay Hunt (a hunt that has regularly featured on Protect the Wild eg see here). In November 2023 Protect the […]

Blackmore and Sparkford Vale Hunt men arrested after attacks on sabs

Hunt saboteurs' cars are targeted by BSV thugs. Photo by North Dorset Hunt Saboteurs

Dorset Police Rural Crime Team has arrested two men associated with the Blackmore and Sparkford Vale (BSV) Hunt. The arrests come after a number of attacks on hunt saboteurs. The police stated: “After a detailed investigation into reports of assault and thefts at the Blackmore and Sparkford Vale hunt; we can now confirm that we […]

Cottesmore Hunt’s hired thugs violently attack hunt sabs

The Cottesmore Hunt has reached a new low, hiring thugs to violently attack hunt saboteurs. The hunt is resorting to desperate measures, mistakenly thinking that such tactics will scare off hunt saboteurs once and for all. Northants Hunt Saboteurs posted a video of the attack on social media, and the incident has now made mainstream […]

How hunts are using trail hunting as a smokescreen

Waveney & Norfolk Harriers

We all know that hunts across the country deliberately chase animals. You may also know that hunts say that they are trail hunting – that is, following scent trails laid in advance of a hunt – when they are doing no such thing. But 2023 saw a new trend: some hunts actually started laying trails. […]

Two hunting hounds killed on busy road

Pack of foxhounds hounds on the road. The legs of horses can also be seen.

2023 came to a close with more animals suffering needless deaths when two hunting hounds were killed on the A30 in Devon. On 30 December, hunt saboteurs reported that the dogs, suspected to belong to the Mid Devon Hunt, had been killed after being hit by cars. One was still alive and in critical condition […]

GOOD NEWS: RNLI rejects hunting money

The lifeboat charity RNLI has shown its integrity after it rejected money from a fox hunting fundraiser. Ireland’s Dungarvan Foxhounds’ annual Christmas charity event was due to raise funds for the Helvic and Dungarvan RNLI. The Foxhounds’ supporters club had also stated that the hunt’s New Year’s Eve meet would raise funds for the charity, […]

Yet another fox torn apart in residential garden

Wales fox killed

A resident in Powys, Wales, has filmed a fox being torn apart by hunting hounds in a neighbour’s garden. This is the third almost identical incident that we know of in 2023 alone. The torturous death took place on 22 November 2023. One month later the resident reported her account to Nation.Cymru. She said that […]

GUILTY: Criminal hunter Chris Woodward convicted three times since July

Chris Woodward

A court has found the Wynnstay Hunt’s notorious ex-huntsman Chris Woodward guilty yet again. Woodward is a  man racking up a long criminal record. Woodward denied the charge of hunting a wild animal with dogs in Lower Wych, Wrexham, on 14 January 2023. But it was the hard work of Cheshire (Borderland) Monitors volunteers that […]

Boxing Day hunting protests near you

Avon Vale

It’s that time of year again: hunters are getting ready to block our town centres in their ridiculous attire. Their supporters will cheer at them, get drunk, and pick fights, the local police will stand by and watch, and the hunts will then head off fuelled by vanity and alcohol to terrorise foxes, hares and […]

Boxing Day Parade: Southdown and Eridge Hunt defies Lewes council

Southdown and Eridge Hunt parade through Lewes on Boxing Day

Sussex’s Southdown and Eridge Hunt is planning to hold its Boxing Day parade on the busy Lewes High Street, even though its request to close the road was denied by Lewes Council. The Council has instead granted permission for a wheelbarrow race event, which is raising funds for Lewes Foodbank. After the council rejected its […]

Hunter accused of six charges of animal cruelty

Sam Staniland, huntsman for the Essecx and Suffolk Hunt, during a cubbing meet in September 2022.

Sam Staniland, ex-huntsman for the Essex and Suffolk Hunt, was in court on Monday 18 December, accused of six charges under the Animal Welfare Act. The hunter pleaded not guilty to all six charges. He was accused of: Causing unnecessary suffering to a foxhound by failing to prevent the dog from fighting a fox on […]

Protecting the Wild Equipment Fund #13: Radios for Roaming Sabs

The Protecting the Wild Equipment Fund was set up in Summer 2023 to help put ‘eyes in the field‘ and ‘eyes in the sky’, supporting and empowering people to protect British wildlife. We use the fund to provide equipment like body cams, trail cams, night vision kit, and video cameras to monitors and activists working […]

Oliver Thompson: hunter avoids prison after torturing foxes

Former huntsman Oliver Thompson has walked free from prison after baiting foxes. Thompson was given a suspended sentence of 20 weeks, meaning that if he isn’t caught breaking the law in the next two years, he will not go to jail. The RSPCA successfully prosecuted the hunter, who consequently was forced to leave his role […]

The Secret Monitor: Without fear or favour?

The Secret Monitor

Damaging stories from inside hunting, shooting, and the badger cull have been circulating for years. Everything from breaking the law to assaults or harassment of monitors and the public and a police force seemingly happy to ‘look the other way’. But there is always someone watching, always someone listening. The Secret Monitor. In their latest […]

CAUGHT ON FILM: One man’s words show the criminality of hunts

On 7 December, Hull Wildlife Protectors (HWP) posted a video on Instagram. And in just a few words, one man showed just how criminal fox hunters really are. The footage was taken on 21 November. HWP had been monitoring East Yorkshire’s Holderness Hunt when they filmed some of the hunt in conversation on camera. One […]

The criminal justice system is failing wildlife

A new report once more highlights how Britain’s criminal justice system is failing animals, allowing people to hurt or kill wildlife with impunity. The report, compiled by Wildlife and Countryside Link, and containing information from different animal welfare charities, makes for damning reading. It shows that convictions in 2022 dropped by more than 40%, despite […]

Life before death: Lewes Council chooses food bank over fox hunting

Southdown and Eridge Hunt parade through Lewes on Boxing Day

The Southdown and Eridge Hunt has failed to get permission from Lewes Council to close a road for its annual Boxing Day parade. The reason? An animal welfare campaigner is closing the road for the community. The hunt parades through Lewes town centre every year. It had applied for the road closure on Lewes High […]